[FAQ] I want to reset the device / re-install the operating system, how can I keep the screen calibration profile?

Every Eve V comes with individually calibrated screen to ensure accurate color display.
The calibration profile are stored in
C:\ProgramData\SpectraCal\CalMAN Client 3\Data\MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf

If you reset the device, or re-install the operating system, you will lose the screen calibration profile.

So, if you want to keep the screen calibration, please
Note: for unknown technical reasons, there is still possibility that after following steps, you cannot restore your calibration profile back

  1. Before reset/re-installation, save MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf file to an external storage media
  2. Reset the device / Re-install the operating system
  3. Download and install CalMAN Client 3 (Skip this step if you already have it)
  4. copy the saved MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf file to C:\ProgramData\SpectraCal\CalMAN Client 3\Data, overwrite the existing file
  5. Restart the device
  6. Now you should be able to choose the calibration profile (normally it is called Standard) in CalMAN Client 3

Alternatively, because the screen we used is the top quality one from Sharp with very minor color differences, and each calibration profile are quite similar, we generated a “universal” profile (based on the big data from thousands of screen calibration profiles) that can be used if your calibration profile is somehow lost.
“Universal” profile download link


I reloaded my V and lost the cal data. Trying to get the screen cal back. Seem like only way it to do another cal. Maybe convert to ICC. Not very knowledgeable in this area. But i do like the cal profile until my V had to be reload.

According to the SpectraCal forum, the backup MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf might not work due to the reason below.

“Windows is not likely to reproduce the same unique identifier.”

not sure what ID they are talking about.

The post was by a spectecal developer.

The tools written by Ingenjoor seems to work in restoring the cal data.

Update: the tool works for me with the universal cal file. didnt save my original.


UTFS bruh.

Its literally still on the first page when you land on dough.community.

My bad, jumped the gun. Yes, it seems to work. Didn’t work for me though. Let us know (in that thread pls) if it works for you.

In simple terms, the calibration is linked to a monitor by a unique id that is generated by windows.

That way you don’t get the same calibration (which might screw up) when you plug in a new monitor.

The problem is when you reinstall windows, it assigns your monitor a new unique id. And since the id is different, the Calman client says “oh, different screen” and doesn’t apply the calibration.

Ingenjoor’s tool edits the .sdf file, looks for where the display id is kept and overwrites it with your current display id so that the calman client will go “right, this is my buddy the screen” and applies the calibration again.


Where is this Ingenjoor tool? I’m likely going to have to rebuild post the update going wrong and want to make sure I have everything I need.

Ummm… guys, does anyone know where the active link to the universal colour profile is?
https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjafUW3G52qjrpZ5Zuvj3rp1J12oVg doesn’t work.
@Xinjie yeah… thought i could copy the entire programdata file… but nope. :frowning: i lost my colour profile. is it possible i could hire a colorimeter form the compsny or someone?