[FAQ] I ordered a sleeve but my V came without

This article applies to:

IndieGoGo Limited Bird backers who ordered a sleeve perk but did not receive one

The situation

Some Limited Bird backers who ordered the V Magnetic Sleeve perk or the V Zipper Sleeve perk on IndieGoGo, did not receive a sleeve when their V was delivered. This happened if they did not re-add the sleeve in BackerKit when they finalized their order.

The bad news is, that these backers in effect did not order a sleeve when they finalized their order.
The good news is, that these backers also did not pay extra for these accessories.

How this came to be

During the IndieGoGo campaign, we offered separate perks to add a sleeve to your order or to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 10 Pro. As it turned out, the specifics of these added perks were lost during the BackerKit stage where we offered the opportunity to change, upgrade or add to your order.

During this stage of the pre-order campaign, any ordered perks other than the V itself were removed from your order by the BackerKit system. As these perks were paid for, the value of these perks was still available as store credit. We have communicated that those who wanted a sleeve or Windows 10 Pro upgrade had to re-add it before finalizing their order but we realize now that some people have missed this notice and did not do so.

As a result, backers who did not re-add their V Magnetic Sleeve perk or V Zipper Sleeve perk before finalizing the order in BackerKit, no longer had the accessory tied to their order and received their V without a sleeve.

We realize that this was not a well-designed process, but it was the only process that was available to us during the pre-order campaign.

What about my money?

Though the accessory and upgrade perks were removed by the BackerKit system, all payments made to IndieGoGo were registered and used to pay the total cost of your order in BackerKit.

If you forgot to re-add the V Magnetic Sleeve or V Zipper Sleeve before finalizing your order, the money you paid for them was instead used to pay some of the outstanding balance for your V. In total, you will have paid the same amount as if you had never added the sleeve on IndieGoGo. No backers over- or under-paid for the goods they received, and no further action needs to be taken.

So how do I get a sleeve now?

Our current web shop implementation makes it impossible to offer separate accessories. We are working to offer an accessory-only sale soon for people who want to order a V Magnetic Sleeve, V Zipper Sleeve, or other accessory.

This article was updated:

16-01-2018 Added situation summary, clarified what happened with payments
16-01-2018 (First version)

Here’s a copy of my Backerkit order:


I paid/pledged on IndieGoGo 597USD, which consisted of

  • 518 USD = 399USD for the i7 16GB 512GB V + 119USD for the shipping,
  • 29USD for the sleeve and
  • 50USD for the upgrade to Windows Pro.

The pledge level for the LB i7 V alone (with US keyboard and pen) was 1408USD.

I would have had 79USD in credit, if I didn’t re-add the sleeve and Win Pro to the Backerkit account again. So I would have paid an additional 950USD through Backerkit for the LB i7 alone. But then I would receive no sleeve and no Win Pro upgrade with the LB i7 V.

But I did take my calculator out and checked everything as I did know that I should pay an additional 1009USD. Plus 20USD for the Nordic keyboard, which wasn’t available through IndieGoGo. So 1029USD in total.

So from this I knew, that something didn’t add up. And the information about how to deal with the Backerkit account was available in the community, when I searched for it.

So, then I re-added the sleeve, Win Pro upgrade and added also the Nordic keyboard. And then everything added up and I paid 1029USD through Backerkit.

I am not totally sure why things went as they went - slightly convoluted, but it would have been difficult for Eve-Tech to change how Backerkit deals with these accounts.

Maybe something could have been done, but that’s a lot of if’s and maybe’s.

I did my due diligence - I don’t like to pay large sums without knowing exactly what I’m getting.

I knew how much I had to pay and when that didn’t add up, I started to figure out how things needed to be done. And Eve Community was a big help in this.

I do admit, that the process wasn’t totally straightforward. But the only one that I could have blamed for not checking the account and not doing the arithmetic is me and me alone - that’s a mirror moment.

The information was available in the Eve Community for everyone to see and the arithmetic wasn’t really that hard.