[FAQ] How to disable touch screen?

If your screen cracks, or some other issues that disturb the touch function of the screen, you may want to disable it to keep using V.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. go to Control Panel → Device Manager (or just search Device Manager in Cortana)

  2. in Device Manager, under “Human Interface Devices” find “HID-compliant touch screen”

  3. right click it, choose Disable device, and confirm it in the prompt window

  4. If needed, you can enable the touch screen later with the similar steps above


By doing so, the touchscreen is still responsive with pen though, which is quite conveni

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Yes, i did the same thing with my surface pro 3 when i wanted to do some drawing. The palm detection thing works only if the pen is close to the screen and when I’m focussed on something, i forget to pay attention to that (and thus get all kinds of ugly palm artifcats on my work).

I found it very useful indeed.

Interesting idea, but then you lose the ability to drag the screen around with your fingers, or pinch to zoom. Presume if you could use the touchpad or an external mouse instead? This is where the BT keyboard would come in handy!