External monitors for EVE V

Hi there,
I’m a proud owner of a kickstarter I7 16gb RAM V, that is still going strong till nowadays.
On the pasts 9 months I have been using it at home connected to two 22" FHD monitors (one to the V via thunderbolt 3, and each other via DP daisyChain). In this situation V’s displays is turned off.
I am now thinking about upgrading one of the monitors to a 27" QHD monitor (and connect it via thunderbolt to the V) and keep the 2nd one (FHD) connected via daisychain.
I tried to figure out if the Intel Graphics 615 would be able to manage this.
As far as I know it supports up to 3 monitors but not sure about which max resolutions.

Can anyone help me out if this would work? Anf if they were 2x QHD? thinking on possibilities for the future.

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I have the same model of V from the Kickstarter campaign and since several components have stopped working on it if I want to use it in any meaningful way I plug it into my two Asus PB278Q monitors via a dock and it can output video to both of them at the native 2560x1440 60hz just fine. I haven’t tried to daisy chain the monitors in the manner you mentioned because I already have a docking station due to the fact I’ve been working at home since the pandemic started but I can’t imagine the integrated graphics wouldn’t be able to handle your use case.


So one last question this monitor I am looking at says “charging only for devices up to 45W.”
Isnt the V around 40W? it should charge the V with no problem right?

Thank you in advance

The charger that comes with the V is only a 45W charger, so that should be fine.

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