External displays and performance with Creative Suite, AutoCAD

Hey there,
I’m really impressed by the device but i couldn’t find any information on how well it works with external displays and how it performs with “heavy” apps like Creative Suite or AutoCAD? Can someone help me out with that?

I think some prototype testers have tried it out, I recommend you to check out their threads.


Some external display info here: https://dough.community/t/dallas-tx-prototype-testing/5788/137?u=pmjglover1

Regarding Creative Suite/AutoCAD, not sure if you’re asking about the V’s native performance vis-à-vis the software, or about display output performance while running the software.

Thanks a lot. I’m interested in display output performance while running the software and the native performance. It’s for a client of mine which has got a problem with the price point of the surface devices by microsoft.

Remember to that V comes with TB3, so you can use external GPU if you need more power. Creative Suite and AutoCAD all play nicely and utilize GPU compute whenever available. Neither of the MS Surface line computers support TB3 and external graphics


That’s a very good point, didn’t think about it.