Experience moving from laptop to 2-in-1

So, I’ve been a 15" MacBookPro user for 10+ years, while I’ve loved this computer, the Eve V got my curious about Windows 10 and giving Microsoft another chance. So, while I’ve been waiting for the V, I found an affordable Surface Pro 4 to use. I travel for part of my work, and I run technology and management consulting engagements so much of my work is discovery, interviews, and coaching.

What I’ve found with the 2-in-1 format is it is easy to bring to those meetings, interviews, etc and make it unobtrusive. I can easily cross my legs and put the thing on my top leg/lap and take notes w/o it getting in between me and others like a traditional laptop. So, I don’t think there is any going back to a traditional laptop for me.

Anyhow, just sharing in case others are about to take this leap to the 2-in-1 format. I think Microsoft is on to something here in a way that feels more appropriate than IPad Pro + Keyboard, IMHO.



Hi John, I too am a management consultant running IT led change programmes and since adopting a surface a few years back, it’s changed my working practices for the better. I used to use a ton of moleskine pads, but now everything is electronic because the handwriting and drawing in onenote allows me to organise my work so much better and more efficiently. The V is going to be a nice step up I feel with better performance, especially battery life!


5 years ago I was sitting in project meetings with architects and engineers with my Surface RT surrounded by MacBooks… Today there are literally one or two MacBooks left and are surrounded by 2in1 devices (mostly Surface Pro’s)…