Even spectrum 4k 144hz double display

I’ve purchased a eve spectrum 4k 144hz monitor two week ago use it twice worked fine. Now I have a double image on the display. I have check cables, tried different cables (HDMI/DP) and updated firmware. Nothing has worked unplugged monitor form computer and display still shows double image with nothing connected to it.
Plz help!!! Thank you!!! 20211008_183225

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Do you or someone you know got another device which you could test?
Do you have the same problem with 60Hz or only with 144Hz?

The only time I’ve seen something like this, was because of a bad cable.


After a few days of enjoying the monitor mine has started the same kind of problem. Input and cable changes don’t make a difference, changing refresh rate does change the severity but does not remove the problem, firmware update did not fix it either. This issue seems to also be affecting the OSD for me which makes me feel like there is a hardware fault. :pensive:


If you go into the on-screen controls and select Preset > Load factory defaults, does that make any difference? It’s fixed at least one issue for me that persisted across power cycles.

For me, it sadly did not fix it. It is something to keep in mind if other issues come up though, so thanks.

yes it’s actually worse in 60 hz

Do you have another device you can connect the monitor to?

Or, can you connect your old monitor to the same device to see if the issue is resolved?

This would help narrow the source of the problem between monitor or GPU.

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Hey, guys! @BigJibbs @zeebok

Would you please provide us with the following information to help with our investigation of image retention?

  1. The model name of source devices. GPU needs to be specified for PCs and laptops.
  2. The connectors (DP, HDMI, Type-C) used.
  3. How to recreate the behavior?

@defcon1 Yes I’ve been using my computer on my old monitor at the moment. I’ve had no problems with it.

GPU: MSI 2080 Super
CPU: 2700x
Operating system: 64bit (windows 10)
Monitor Model: ES07D03
Monitor Firmware version: 104
After using it for 2 days everything worked fine when I got home from work to unwind and play a game bang double Image. I have tired both DP/HDMI both look like image above. Everything is on the latest drivers. Also tried factory resetting monitor and rolling back display driver nothing. I really don’t know what else to tell you.

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Sounding like the monitor is DOA sadly. :cry:

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What is the next step then. Can I get a refund or a replacement?

Ask for a replacement order with support. Once reign gets back double check with him that you submitted a replacement request.

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I’ve had a broken monitor for a month now and have heard no word on whether I get a replacement or a refund. What do I have to do to get a answer?

Since you haven’t gotten a reply back yet send @ReignDespair a private message detailing your issue. He or support will send you a new one.


@BigJibbs did you ever get the issue resolved? It has been 2 months since I originally contacted support and I have not heard back. Tried messaging people that been suggested on here and have not received any response from them either. I am now up to about half of the screen having this problem and at a bit of a loss as to what else I can do to get some assistance.

Hey @zeebok,
I’m very sorry to hear that you have not received the expected support experience. We are currently working on improving our warranty process, but we do recognize that waiting this long without any progress being made to the issue you are experiencing is far from desirable. Please reply to my message with the details requested, and I’ll ensure the team look into this as soon as possible for you.

Also in regards to @BigJibbs situation: It’s my understanding this monitor has been shipped to the repair center, and is currently pending repair.

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Thanks, today they did respond. I am having a similar issue as BigJibbs, though it seems to be to a potentially worse degree now. The ticket I sent is basically just saying I am having this problem with a photo attached to describe the problem. I did respond to it early December asking if I could get a status update and that the problem seems to be a little worse. Thanks again for reaching out, things seem to be in motion now and am feeling very relieved my ticket didn’t lost.