Eve v2 warranty and fix prices questions

Just wanted to ask few questions here.

  1. What will be the price to fix Eve v2 if it break after warranty? I can guess that EVE can estimate such fees from Eve v1 as I assume it will be similar cost for v2.

  2. Can someone from EVE confirm that EU customers get 2 years of warranty instead of 1 year for eve v2 as guaranteed by European Union customer laws?

  3. Do you plan to sell extended warranty plans similar to what other companies do?

  1. From Seattle with our first-gen V, Eve offered 0 support.
  2. The warranty may be useless if you have the same experience as mine–bricked with less than 1 year and I was ignored.
  3. A device is no better than it’s service and support. This is a very tech meca area and no one would touch my bricked V.

Hopefully, customers in North America will have a better experience than me. I was a big fan until my unit bricked and got virtually no support; finally ignored my requests for support

~Dale Little
Seattle, WA

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That is really worrisome. I do hope someone from EVE will also answer in near future and other people will share their info too. Thanks for reply.


from personal experience, all I can say is that you can dream about getting anything fixed under the warranty by Eve … I still have a broken keyboard from the V1 days which was diagnosed by Eve as broken and needing replacement within the warranty period … and their solution was “go to our website and buy a new one”

@Lore_Wonder Is this true? Is this Eve’s idea of customer service?

Does Eve have any plans to resolve not only this case but a plan going forward?

@apgray The problem is that there isn’t just one case like this - there are hundreds. But you won’t find them mentioned on this forum - typically the posts get removed, and when the customer tries to raise it again, they get banned from the forum. In fact, I’m surprised that @DLLITTLE’s post is still here.

See also:

Initially their support for the V was quite good - in fact, I was able to get a replacement under warranty. But then it all went to pieces, and there was no support provided to anyone even within weeks of their purchases. We’re hoping that it will be better with Spectrum and the 2021 V2. Only time will tell…

Yeah, it’s true … I still have the emails to share.

They have ignored the topic entirely, at one point in time, they even launched “legal action to force the sub-contractor to honor warranty claims”… anyway, my submission of the paperwork was a one-way street … never amounted to more than “thank you for making the submission”.

They blamed the sub-contractor and never took ownership of the problem, and as the other poster mentioned … I’m not an isolated case.

At present, I’m not planning on buying any more from these guys, not trustworthy.

Can’ report anything about the warranty, I never get the V first gen ordered on december 2017. So the good point is that i didn’ t get any issues with it
I guess you can expect this kind of “service” form the customer support