EVE V2 Keyboard layout

It seems that the keyboard is not talked about, so I thinking a little.

I suggested it before, but again.

While keep production cost to a minimum by commonalize board,Change the key top and change to the layout of each country.
it can?
One more request
I would be very happy if EVE could use the 7-rows layout of old Thinkpad.


My v3.5 keyboard layout design for the new V successfully achieved most of the functionality of 7-rows ThinkPad layout. See:

Would you like to let me know your opinion about my EVE V2 keyboard layout & elucidate many of the blank keycaps in your concept a bit more? :smiley:

Just put this pic up to illustrate the different keyboard layouts some more.

Placing keyboard switches to support multiple keyboard layouts really makes sense, if keycaps can be swapped. However, even key legend stickers (easily found online) can help at the sacrifice of backlighting, but the correct number of keys needs to be present.

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Most people are used to ISO and ANSI (mostly ISO), I have never seen keyboard of another format in high end market.

I agree. JIS is really just Japan, from what I understand. ANSI and ISO compatibility are the ones to shoot for.

I just want to change keyboard firmware to change key mapping.

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Would like if the keyboard firmware was based on this qmk https://qmk.fm/

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Can we just make sure the ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, FN keys work correctly on both sides of the keyboard this time? :wink:

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Hi Lore_Wonder
I’m sorry I can’t reply.

Dario Make a thread “Keyboards concepts are here!” , so why don’t you proceed with the discussion there?

If it has pointy performance, Japanese PC nerds will buy ANSI, but companies and general users will not buy it unless it is JIS.

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Hi @yan78,

Never mind, it is your freedom. :slightly_smiling_face:

@marconjecture kindly solved my question about more detailed illustrations of different layouts, and I have integrated those thoughts into my keyboard concept since v4.0.

I did.

Thank you for your emphasis on the importance of the JIS layout. I have taken it into account for my v5.0. As my topic’s intro states, your opinions shape the future of our design. You are always welcome to post your ideas on my 2-in-1 topic. :smiley: Share your concepts of 2-in-1s here -- incl. Three designs for the new V! - #108 by Lore_Wonder

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