Eve V2 charging indicator not on

So I just notice that when the computer is shutdown and I am plugging in the plug to charge the system, I do not see any indicator that it is charging. Nothing on the screen nor is the light next to the Power switch on. Does this mean that the V will only charge when the system is turn on? I plug the charger to all the Thunderbolt 4 ports and the USC C port and nothing shows that it is charging?
Anyway for me to turn on a charging indicator or if you can add that to a firmware update?

I think the light is meant to be a “System On/Off” indicator. Not a “charging” indicator.

It’s also safe to say that the battery WILL charge while plugged in. You just won’t see any indication of the charge status unless you turn it on and look at the battery level on screen. It’s not like a mobile phone where it can use the barest amount of battery life to show you a low-battery icon. The system needs enough power to be able to boot before showing anything on screen.

Thanks for that. I thought the light indicator would also show charging like most of the other laptop i have used. This would help to show if the laptop is charging or is fully charged. I guess that can be implemented in Eve V version 3.


We asked for it on V2. Believe me, it was a huge issue on the first one. Most of us resorted to ordering USB-C cables that showed when the V was charging. Some things just never change despite the “community involvement”.


yep, like the small bezels and the strong battery… :thinking:

@ charging: I use my touch-sense-indicator: if the charger is hot, it is (still) charging… :upside_down_face:

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