EVE V with DAWs - any experiences?

Hello everybody,

I would ask you, if anybody has experiences in using EVE V with audio production softwares (DAWs) like Ableton, ProTools or Bitwig? Did the eve v has enough power to run the DAWs with low latency? Can I use the pen to edit the Software. e. g. with the Surface you can use Bitwig and you can do edits in the softwar very fast. Here an example video:

Is this posible?
Thanks a lot in advance!

A user did a test and the result for recording audio was decent.
I think it was ToiletSheep in this thread

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I think this is the topic you’re looking for:

These tests showed that latency should not be an issue for audio work.

The pen will allow you to do the same things a mouse would. Any functionality beyond that (such as pressure sensitivity) would rely on support from the software manufacturer.3


ohh yeah! that is great! yesterday I orderd my own one :wink:
thanks for the reply!

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Hey MLWork,

once you got yours and set up for working on sound, please tell us about your experiences.
I’m about to do more or less the same with it, maybe even record sound on (film) set.
Since there’s at least one more sound engineer (from us) amongst us EVE users I’m sure there’s interest in hearing about other’s experiences…

Thanx in advance,
Ollie from Berlin

I´m really looking forward to getting my eve, but I think I have to wait till february or march :tired_face: before I can test it
so you have to wait, too, until you get my experience
viele grüße aus Bamberg/Oberfranken

Yes, sure.
I’m waiting for a year now… (Limited Bird).

I’ll do some tests as well since I’m in the same field (Audio Designer). Will probably test Reaper, Ableton and Pro Tools when I get back from the holidays and when I get my LB V.

I reckon it’ll be more than enough power to run these DAWs. It’s the plugins that’ll consume more.

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Hello Everybody,

I would like to share my experience so far from few testing sessions with Ableton, ProTools & FL Studio. I have a decent Home Studio setup & thus wanted EVE V to replace my bulky workstation giving me some advantage of portability and quiet environment. Also I use it during live music at church events, here are some notes from my 3 months of testing so far:

  1. It is good only if you are dealing with Audio only (wave tracks) not fancy VST/VSTi or such processor hungry plugins. The moment I enable VSTi plugins, audio starts crackling a little bit, if have multiple VSTi in same project then it ends up crackling so much just like white noise (literally!). I will upload a video Clip for reference in a day or two. I checked the driver & ensured they are up-to-date. Also disconnected all external devices to ensure no conflicts.
  2. If using on-board soundcard then Latency is not a strong point. But I recently bought a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt 2 Audio interface (using with Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter as per vendor’s recommendation) so latency is not my major problem here.
    But still hear crackling sound since my VSTi plugins do not rely on external Audio Module’s HW DSP.

To double check the suspicion, I performed same test cases on my old 2013 HP Envy15 TouchSmart laptop which has older generation of intel processor but still works smooth like butter with all 3 DAWs listed above!!

Since I bought Eve V for specific purpose (Audio Recording & Pre/post-Production) & have a good faith in Eve V Dev Community, at this point I am hoping for getting this resolved by near-future software/firmware/driver update or something that is not limited to or involving any Hardware components within.

Hey, what processor does your Envy 15 have?

“2.4GHz 4th generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz”

Model: hp envy touchsmart 15 j053cl notebook pc

That there’s probably your problem - traditionally, i7s (the MQ suffix specifically indicates [M]obile [Q]uad-core) are quad core with hyper threading.

The i7 in the eve V is an i7-Y processor and should rightly be named m7, and it is only dual core, meaning it will inherently be worse at handling processor heavy processes, like physics and shadows (and I assume audio thingys like in your use case).

I don’t think there is any way software update for the V will help your use case.


Keeping an eye on this thread too.
Aside from software development I’ll hopefully, performance permitting, be using the V for composing and audio recording as well (Cubase 9.5 Pro).

I’ll have 2 use cases:

  1. recording/composing at home using either my Tascam interface or Behringer x32 rack mixer. VSTi plugins will be running in a slave machine on my server by then, so I’m hoping that’ll benefit performance substantially :slight_smile:
  2. multitrack live recording of my band using the x32.

hmm that sounds not good, I ordered the eve v for using it with ableton and/or bitwig with a couple of running VSTs like Native Instruments (Maschine, Massive and so on). But if the Eve can´t handle all that Software, the eve v is not the right gear for me!
so it will be appreciate, that we/I get an usefull comment if the eve can handle all these software :slight_smile:

do you checked the perfomance mode in the bios and the battery mode, described in this post?

maybe its solve your problem

Thanks @ MLWork for your suggestion about performance mode & battery tweak in BIOS settings, that did significantly improved the DAW performance but with following caveat which I’ve also shared via YouTube link (Pardon my presentation in video, trying my best at midnight hours :wink: ) .

EVE V - Audio performance issue - DAW - FL Studio 12

  1. Performance is acceptable ‘as long as’ power cable is attached to EVE V, moment I disconnect it, the annoying issue is back!! the clicks/jitter & buffering (due lack of processing power???). So I believe battery is not able to feed enough power to system as compared to direct power from wall.
  2. Performance tweaking in BIOS will reduce the overall battery hours per charge & system gets more hot, which is expected behavior.
  3. I did eliminated my external Audio interface (Focusrite Clarett 4pre) for this test since I found on vendor’s website that windows 10 driver is still in BETA phase esp. people using Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter which presents clicks & jitters too.
  4. The issue continues if any **external dock i**s connected (I have Plugable USB 3.0 dock), so no external HUB or DOCK, no multitasking with 2 processor hungry applications running simultaneously. (tested with Chrome {just 3 tabs} + FL Studio running)

I’ll post more videos with Ableton & ProTools as I go along with my future projects. So again for the folks planning to buy EVE V, its is still debatable from cost vs above-average performance laptops. To be honest I was tempted to buy a MacBook Pro 15" which almost gonna cost 3x more than what I paid for V but since I am longtime Windows (PC) & Android (phone) user, thus kind of reluctant to the learning curve with expensive (recurring :money_mouth_face:) Apple products. May be sometime in future…

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actually, the “Max Performance” setting is broken, it has been broken since the Fall Creators update. Windows overrides it randomly - most commonly (and predictably) when you switch power profiles. You might want to try throttlestop, you can do pretty much the same thing and throttlestop is more aggressive at checking for windows f*ckery - should solve your issue of the performance drop when you go to battery.


The EPP goes from 0-255, 0 being “THUNDERCATS GOOOOOOO” and 255 being “no.”. This is what changes when you move this the slider on the battery icon in the taskbar. “Max Performance” sets it to 0, and this is what happens:

>= 1 EPP (but in this case like 84) 0 EPP



as you can see - utilisation is <10% but my multiplier is 3.4Ghz - this doesn’t mean the processor is all “GOOOOOO” 100% of the time (you’ll notice its at 0.9W & 42C, not much difference from my other screencap at 800Mhz), it kind of means instead of trying to pick the right tool for the job (you know, efficiency), your CPU is taking a “I HAS HAMMER, EVERYTHING IS NAIL” approach.

kinda like sitting down to dinner, saying “F*CK SPOONS” and eating with a shovel.

Interestingly, the second to last setting actually gimps your performance _more_ than the last one on the batter slider.




Aha, that is correct! Windows update did mess it up. Once I customized the power profile & then it was better on battery too.

that’s a good point - i forgot you could use the default profile with the slider a custom profile without the slider and windows will stop messing with it.

As an audio pro and an Eve user, for a myriad of reasons, I would NOT recommend my i7 Eve for any type of active audio or video production. Way too many shortcomings. Some Macs laptops and some Surface laptops would be much better portable choices. I use a powerful desktop/GPU with an appropriate 36" monitor.