Eve v with aorus gaming box or other egpu?

Hello people, I have a surface pro 4. I am disappointed by the lack of ports specially not having a thunderbolt 3 port. I’ve been looking into the eve v device for approximately 6 days now, looking at the specs, peoples thoughts and the capabilities of the device. I am a bit uncomfortable about they processors on the system. I’m thinking if I get this the 7y model with an external gpu such as the aorus 1080 box, would that be enough to perform as a working station and play games such as gta 5, doom, the surge, all these demanding graphical games? I like the model and the small features but besides using it I like to use it for lectures. Is there any problems when connecting an egpu? especially with the aorus 1080? will it give enough power?

EGPU works great with V but keep in mind that the processor is a dual core and won’t be able to use the 1080 to its full potential due to CPU bottleneck. For GPU demanding games, you can get excellent image quality. For games that CPU demanding games, it will do little to help those games. Probably won’t get 60 FPS. However, you can max out graphical settings while keep CPU eating settings like shadows on low. But don’t expect high fps.

Would also note that you not play at native resolution. 1080p or so.


No issues. I’ve been using my eve with an aorus gtx1080 since the first week. Its more than good enough for the games you mentioned.

Think twice about shipping of V. As you could have noticed, there are let’s say couple issues about production of V.
On the other hand, there are devices on market, which are obliviously better, than V by now (no wonder lol with such delays between development and being selled).