Eve V weird quirks

What weird quirks can you think about the Eve V?

Let me start:

  • The name V is chosen because the shape resembles a flipped pyramid
  • The USB-A port is backwards / upside-down compared to the Surface and virtually any tablet out there
  • Unlike most tablets and phones, both microphones are on the same side
  • Despite it has 2 speaker grilles, there are 4 speakers, 2 behind each grille
  • The mainboard has no serial number digitally. It’s still written “Default String”
  • The battery chemistry on Windows Battery Report is not “Li-Ion”, “Li-Po”, or other chemistry, but it says “Real”. It is a real battery indeed.
  • Holding Volume Up + Volume Down at the same time will trigger Ctrl+Alt+Delete, but it then keeps the Ctrl active until the next restart.


  • Backspace key says “oops!”
  • V key is the Eve V logo
  • The Bluetooth button (F12) does not do anything when the keyboard is attached
  • The keyboard works as a BT keyboard, and can connect to 3 different devices
  • The keyboard still works when flipped backwards
  • The keyboard can’t be attached backwards because of the magnet polarity


  • Not accessible with touch
  • The BIOS has a configuration page for SATA controller, despite this device has no SATA component attached, and no possibility to attach one yourself
  • Connected Standby is configurable from the BIOS
  • There are many options available there. For example, you want to throttle your SSD to PCIe Gen 1 speed? You can have that. I dont know why anyone would do that, but you can.

I don’t think I’ve had this problem before

Can’t reproduce the Ctrl problem either, but I like the volume button thing :smiley:

In my case, after triggering the buttons combo, tapping on a desktop icon would open the “Properties” window instead. Keyboard detached the whole time

Can’t reproduce that either. Detaching the keyboard didn’t change a thing.

Gosh I hope this is fixed in an update soon


Yeah… it would be rough to have to flip the cable over! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

maybe in next version/update…

OMG guys!

Of course it’s upside down.

It’s a pyramid flipper after-all, so it should be.
It’s a signature quirk!

PS I have experienced that with some other devices, specially in China.
Not really a big deal in the end


at least we aren’t getting any fake batteries where they mimic the weight with metal pieces;


“Oops” and “V” keys on the keyboard, maybe not a real quirk since everyone made their peace with it, but IMO it is one.

Will reply more as soon as I get the V.

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What?! That’s crazy and sounds dangerous!

or 1TB "SSD"s that are flashdrives and weights in a case

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@TechieWeirdo. Oops is the keyboard brand I think. :wink:

Yeah, backspace got too many orders already :confused:


Quirk: Eve V not being much of a sleeper and likes to wake up at odd times of the day :confused:
Solution (still in testing): Use hibernate instead of sleep (either from the Power Menu on Windows or reconfigured power button) and stop the keyboard and trackpad from being able to wake the machine.

Quirk: Both USB-C ports can be used to charge the device so I generally prefer to use that when I want to charge but the Eve V is off.

So, it’s has been Backordered, right?

weird quirk #1: not in my hands ._.


Strictly speaking that’s not a quirk, it’s an anomaly.

So - not even shipping info in Malaysia yet?

I should hide this before nawthor comes back.

Calm your tits, all three of you! You’re the three most excited people on the forum today!

…/and they were here 6 days ago lol

Yup! Sorry for the bad jokes! Nobody seems to get it. :cry: