EVE V webcam specifications

Hi All,

Just received my EVE and have been playing with it with my favorite distros (based on Arch)
All look very good with the exception that the webcam does not work.

Anyone can tell me more details on the web cam specifications to see if I can figure it out ?


@Patrick_Hermawan has figured out many of the drivers for Windows 8 and might have some good info here.

@iKirin might know also.


Also do tell us more about the problem w the webcam


The problem is that is not recognized at all.
Wondering if I could get some drivers from the manufacturer if I know the exact model.


The camera models are OV2680 and OV5648

This might not be 100% accurate explanation of how it works, but here’s what I get from my observation: For the camera to work, it needs all these 5 drivers to be configured correctly:

  • Intel AVStream 2500
  • Intel Signal Processor 2500
  • Intel Control Logic
  • Intel CSI2 Host Controller
  • Camera driver itself (OV2680 and OV5648)

Control Logic is responsible for giving power to the camera, and the other 3 is responsible for the image decoding/encoding.

Im not too familiar with Linux, but in Windows, you can see in the Device Manager if there is a peripheral attached with missing driver, marked with a yellow triangle warning. From there, you can check the Vendor and Device ID (example: Intel AVStream Camera 2500 is VEN_8086&DEV_591E). Having those ID would make it much easier to google the drivers on the internet.


Windows comes with generic drivers so that the OS can interact with the firmware to understand what it is, and then figure out if more drivers are needed or if something is wrong with the device.

On Linux (obviously this can vary largely because there are way too many distros) there are usually some generic drivers (display, keyboard, mouse, etc.) but not all devices. And, often, the drivers are only designed for Windows and some Linux distros so device specific drivers may not work right. In this case, sometimes drivers can be kinda-sorta emulated to work on the wrong distros, or sometimes you just have to find a similar driver that does work.

Linux is great, but it’s a pain.

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Just to be able to track progress on it, In October 2017, there was discussion on kernel development about inclusion first set of patches: [v4] staging: atomisp: add a driver for ov5648 camera sensor - Patchwork

Maybe there will be progress on it, but the discussion postponed inclusion at that time.

The person doing work on it was: Devid Antonio Filoni d.filoni@ubuntu.com