Eve V vs x1 carbon 5th gen


I am starting a Bachelor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering course on the 1st of September.

I was looking forward to buying the x1 carbon 5th gen, and then I stumbled across the eve project. It is supposedly cheaper and just as functional while being sexy af.

Is the Eve V’s processor powerful enough for my course’s needs?

Is the system just as functional?

I learned that there is a limited quantity during each flash sale. Does this mean that even if this is a suitable device for my work, I am not certain to be able to acquire one?

Thank you in advance.

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Hey man, I’ve changed your title from 5 to V (veee), hope u don’t mind :slight_smile: In short V should be more than capable and even future proof for your needs. More so than x1 because it’s newer, and can support external graphics, along with a variety of other nice things about it. Be sure to search the threads to learn more. Someone else asked a similar question today Btw Eve V or iPad Pro 10.5 - #5 by gert_wumpe

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Thank you for the answer! Sorry for the 5 :<. Also, do you think you can answer my last question, please? Whether I could even obtain the Eve V because of the limited quantity during the flash sale this summer. Thank you!

Yes, official web store should open in July I believe

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If I got it right, the limitation is only because of the production capacity. Little calculation for clarification:
Eve capacity 5000 units per month
Registered users for webshop opening info over 40000

If all of them ordered on opening day the last one had to wait 8 month for his device. That’s because they are limited. After that there will be another limited batch an so on till no one wants one anymore. I ping @iKirin so he could confirm that.

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I’d wager if they sold 40k units the first week, they’d probably find a way to ramp up production.


Tho. He won’t receive a v before mid of August if we are optimistic and it is unlikly that After finishing the indigogo orders normal batch peoductions gets issued immideatly.
I wouldn’t count on haveing a V for the start of September.

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Sorry, where are you getting all these estimates from?

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Estimated first batch AFAIK produced mid july, second batch 20-30 days later, thats mid of August. With all the delays and stuff we have Seen this prediction is nothing but realistic.

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And it depends on how big the produced batch in August will be. If you are not fast enough or have no time at shop start, you have to wait even longer.

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Hello phsky and welcome :slight_smile: Thanks for your message :blush:

While the other questions you asked were already addressed,

Had multiple answers. I’d recommend you joining to the email subscription list at our front page (if you aren’t already subscribed) and see the news on July. If you join the list and get online to order early, on time, you should be able to get to the next batch.

Typically people who missed their chances of ordering weren’t able to view their emails for 1-2 weeks before the campaign or something else happened.


In short V should be more than capable and even future proof for your needs. More so than x1 because it’s newer, and can support external graphics, along with a variety of other nice things about it.

Just wanted to correct this. The X1 5th Gen was released this year with the latest Intel processors, and it includes 2x Thunderbolt 3 ports. So it’s incorrect to state that the Eve is more future proof.

The V and X1 Carbon are quite different machines. Here’s a rough comparison:

X1 advantages:

  • Larger (14") screen
  • Lighter
  • Better port selection, including 2 x thunderbolt 3, HDMI, native RJ45, and optional WWAN
  • Excellent keyboard
  • Matt (non-reflective) screen
  • faster (U) processor
  • up to 1TB HDD (incl. OPAL for encryption)
  • easy to open/repair

Eve advantages:

  • Touch screen and pen support
  • Detachable bluetooth keyboard
  • 3:2 screen aspect ratio
  • better quality screen
  • better quality speakers
  • Silent (no fans)
  • Cheaper

If you want a traditional non-touch laptop, the X1 carbon is meant to be excellent (but it is a bit pricey). If you want a detachable 2-in-1, then the Eve V is of course the best!

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I checked the x1 carbon on the lenovo website and it says not available anymore ?

Thank you everyone for answering all my questions! I am surprised beyond words how responsive the community actually is! I find it hard to choose a “solution comment” since every reply adds up to a solution. Thank you very much!

I guess availability is a regional thing, since on the UK site it is ))

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