Eve V v2 shipped

Just received a tracking number and confirmation from DHL. Things are looking up and hoping to test the computer shortly. Estimated delivery is June 21st for me.

Whats the warranty period, just in case there is issues?


If you don’t mind my asking, what region are you in?

I’m curious if we can get some idea of which regions are shipping now and which ones are still being waited on.


I am assuming the DHL shipping is for the computer as is coming from HK, and that’s the only item i know of coming from that location to the US.

So i got an email from Eve with a tracking number from http://nextsmartship.com/ but the issue is that the tracking number does not work and provide no information. The only reason I know about the package is coming is that i received a txt from DHL that i have a package coming and can track that. I signed up for notofication, either link to my address or ohone number. Without that, i would still think my package is still stuck in limbo.

I would say, go to DHL and sign up for notification. Will let you know if i do receive it as DHL state its in Transit.

Excited now.


Don’t worry, the v1 since four years ago and I still haven’t receive any device or refund back to my hand

You can check from Spectrum post and it can see how many people is affected by this company with many delay reason

I am in the US as well, and mine was returned to shipper from Hong Kong. I’m not sure why.

Not sure why that would happen, was that by DHL or by aftership?

Did you get a tracking notification from DHL?

I didn’t receive a DHL tracking number. Mine was from NextSmartShip.

  • 2022-06-15 16:49:00
    [干线车辆出发]华南公司作业中心, 车辆离开, Line-haul has departed

  • 2022-06-16 20:10:00
    [运输中]HONG KONG-HKG, Returned to shipper, Express shipment / transshipment

Oh, my NextSmartShip is blank and doesn’t even look like they received my package as the tracking number that i got from them don’t even work. I am just relying on DHL and hoping the package is correct.

Just got a notice from DHL, it arrived at a sorting facility in HK. Expected delivery is next week Thursday to me in Canada!