Eve V Shuts Off When Charger Plugged in

I am having trouble with my V (2021). When the device charger is plugged into the device, the internal fans will kick on and about 30 seconds later the device turns off without warning. No error messages. Nothing, the laptop just turns off. I am unsuccessful in getting the device to reboot for several days. Many times I will need to use the Battery Rest Button to get the device to reboot. This situation occurs every time the charging cable is plugged into the V. The only thing that is inconsistent is how soon the internal fans kick on before the device turns off. I’ve had the device shut while booting to the login screen. Other times the device has been operating for about 10 minutes, battery is charging when the device once again turns off. Any help would be appreciated!

Hey @Pkuhl

Sent you a direct message asking for more information regarding this issue. Will get with the team about this and get back to you on this post when I have more information!