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Hi Community,
I wanne keep this short: No matter how good a screen is, it will eventually get some scratches, no matter how small. So i wanted to ask if it is possible to produce a hard glass foil for the eve to stick it on the screen. I personally don’t like the elastic foils, since they don’t seem to help much.
And if you won’t sell any protection besides the keyboard of course, are there any alternatives to buy?
Since i’m planning to use the tablet for a long time, i want to keep it as flawless as possible from the very beginning.
-Thanks for your attention :wink:

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Hi there!

A proper screen protector is included in the indiegogo purchases, so I can only assume they will be available for sale once things get rolling.



Do you know if it will be a glas protector or plastic? I can’t remember anymore.

I’m pretty sure they said that you can buy the screen protector from the web shop when it opens as an accessories other alternatives if it’s not the right material you wish for look at similar sized tablets for a protector that would work

And I don’t remember either what material it is made from

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I remember it being a plastic one - but one of good quality…

It’s a glass screen protector. Was wrong first, link to source is below.


Nevertheless it’s still plastic

Even tempered glass is not glass - I’ve broken 4 of them from drops

Better to break the tempered glass than the display, right?

I personally prefer tempered glass over a plastic screen protector. IMO it feels and protecs better.


if you look in the old stretch goal threads, it references a “tempered glass” protector.

I did some searching and could not find anything other than the polls KK made. But it always referenced tempered glass.


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I searched as well and didn’t find the right post by KK. It was somewhere around the first anniversary when he announced, that we will get an screen protector as gift. In some other post he told us, that it will not be “that” tempered glass protector, but a good one non the less. I think it was mentioned somewhere in Telegram that it would be a plastic one, but I’m not completly sure about that last bit.

Found it - and I was wrong. I take back everything I said and announce the opposite:
We get a glass screen protector!



800$ screen. $2 protector. You know it

Hiya everyone!

I’m very sorry to be the party-crasher but unfortunately, the V won’t be delivered with a tempered glass screen protector.
What was meant by that announcement but just worded poorly was that it’s a protection film for the glass - not one made out of tempered glass.

What however will be included is a high-quality plastic film that was pretty much the best we could get for a device of our size :slight_smile:


I got mine a few days ago to review it and I loved the eve v. Until now as I noticed that the screen has a hairline crack right through the middle, which spoils the fun.

The problem is, that I never dropped it, never did anything, which could damage the device. I look after my tech and the eve v was in a shelf from monday (review day) until today when I wanted to compare the stylus with the Surface Book 2.

Just to see if it feels different. Now I can’t because the screen doesn’t work properly.

I think the crack came from holding the device wrong. I think I’ve been holding it too close to the edges and the weight of the rest of the tablet maybe bent it a little bit, enough to crack the screen. I don’t have any other explanation for this.

I’ve seen MSFT employees drop Surface tablets on wooden floors from 1,80m height and they worked fine, screens didn’t crack. I can’t imagine that this killed the eve.

I’ve already reviewed it and told my readers to forget surface pro and look at the eve if they’re looking for a good 2-in-1. Now I feel that I may be promising too much, if reliability isn’t good.

Have you had eve v screens cracking yourself?


Sounds pretty weird and made me a bit upset, if it broke after a first week. If it will be proved , it might be difficult even to carry it in a bag since anything can push on the screen in your bag …

Hairline cracks can appear due to tension in the glass, though your case is the first time we’ve heard about it occurring in a V. If it is as you described, then it should not fall in the ‘user abuse’ category. Glad you brought it up! We’re looking into our coverage options, so I can’t tell you 100% how we deal with this right now. It’s on the list of things to look into, and we’ll definitely get back to you and the community once we know more!


I got mine a few days ago to review it and I loved the eve v. Until now as I noticed that the screen has a hairline crack right through the middle, which spoils the fun…

This is what eve really needs to investigate!

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Hi Albert!

Really sorry to hear that! This is very strange. We will definitely want to have your unit back to understand what might have caused it but our device did stand drop tests and is using Gorilla Glass. Glass is not bulletproof but should save you from little drops and other issues.


There could be a hundred reasons for a crack in the glass. Even hundred hands hold the V already. Bonding, assembling, producing, and whatever could have made a little (<1mm) crack in the glass which is getting bigger after maybe changing temperatures or a little pressure on the wrong edge…


Hello Albert, I’m sorry to hear about the crack. Are you sure you didn’t drop the V?

I’m a Windows Area user and read a lot of your content. First I was happy to see you posting here, but posting this issue with the crack in the community isn’t fair to eve cause lots of future customers will take a look to this site before ordering…