Eve V Screen Protection Recommendations

Hey Everyone,
I’m a prospective V owner (hopefully 2nd batch Dec 4 FFS) and with my V arriving soon (please oh please I pray to the gods of all technology, no more delays!) I would like to find reliable screen protection to match the quality of the device it will be protecting. I found several threads already in existence about different screen protectors, but it didn’t seem like any of them put together a detailed LIST of protectors that people are CURRENTLY OR HAVE TRIED using for their Vs. My goal for this is to create a list of protectors that others could use to help aid their decision making process. Here is what I am thinking for this, and if any Forum Mod / Regular has suggestions on structure of the post please help! I’m not that well versed in forum posting. But data… data I know. Ok, here we go…

Other screen protector threads for reference or light reading (a small list from searching forum):

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Possibly merge with this thread?
Questions about screen protectors and eve v

Let’s start by defining the fields that I think will help others the most…

Field list

5 – BEST; pyramid flipper worthy
4 – ALMOST PERFECT; maybe it’s awesome, but not fitted for Eve V?
3 – USABLE; I got nothing here, sorry
2 – MEH; works in a pinch but still sucks
1 – TERRIBLE; wouldn’t recommend to an enemy
RECOMMENDATION: Would you recommend this protector to a friend?
Would recommend
Would NOT recommend
PRO: list of Pro’s (and I don’t mean “gentlemen / ladies of the evening” either, keep it family friendly folks)
CON: list of Con’s (no, not a list of Nicholas Cage’s characters from his movies)
REVIEW: your text description / review here
MANUFACTURER NAME: who makes it?
MODEL #: model number
MODEL NAME: if it has one
URL: preferably to manufacturer’s site, otherwise a point of sale site URL will do
BUILD TYPE: what is it made out of?
Tempered glass – Offers decent protection against impact as well as scratches
PET plastic – Generally covers basic scratch protection
TPU plastic – Scratch protection only
Multi-layered screen protector – Very durable and can withstand significant amounts of shock
Other – please describe
APPEARANCE TYPE: does it reflect, or provide anti-glare?
Ultra-clear – highly transparent
Anti-Glare – helps keep screen visible in bright light conditions
Privacy – angle-specific viewing of screen
Mirror – provides a mirrored reflection when screen is off
Other – please describe
FIT: is it made for EVE V or another device
Eve V
Other – please describe / list intended device
COST: (float) what did it cost you? Please only numbers here
CURRENCY: which currency? Yen, USD, Somali Shillings? Too many to list here, but please stick with the 3 letter abbreviation.
PHOTOS: last but not least, PHOTOS!!! If you have any of your Screen Protector in action on a slick new V don’t squirrel it away, we (well I do at least) wanna see it!

Pheww… that is a lot of information to ask for, but hopefully this thread can turn into more of a quick lookup table type to help others determine which Screen Protector is right for them and their sexy new piece of EVE V tech! I look forward to reading your reviews!!!

Cheers peeps!


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@b0b_R055 brings an interesting thought… Can we have a separate category/area for V accessories? Skins, pens, chargers, screen protectors, cases, mice, eGPUs, etc. There are a bunch of threads in the community discussing these types of topics but they’re not very easy to find and navigate through. It’d be great for V owners and prospective buyers to have a easy place to go to to see what experiences and thoughts others have about different accessories, currently those same topics are spread all over the place.


Thanks @Jamil_Stafford; new section containing reviewed products categorized by product type would be excellent and much easier to navigate. Maybe less forum-esque and more product catalog style? Either way, looking forward to seeing what ya’ll put together.


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Maybe something like this?


would it be possible (or the right place) to create base threads for each major accessory to contain mostly objective data like what i posted originally, but then as well have normal type threads like what you have in the new section now? i think its great for conversation and deeper dives into the specific products as you have it now, but to also have a base list of accessories with just the facts. Almost like a product catalogue that users could say, “i want to see what screen protectors people are using for their V”, then they can click on the BASE THREAD of known screen protectors and get to see quickly and easily their respective attributes / reviews. Then… in the accessories area that you just created still have all the normal style threads for discussion of particular products.

as long as it isn’t plastic