Eve V Screen Flickering

Got my V and did a fresh install of Windows 11, I noticed that the display would flicker. Is anyone experiencing the same issue? And is there anything I can do to help diagnose the issue further?

Video of the flickering

Here’s my driver information:
Eve V Display driver

My 2-cents: I would suggest to update Xe the driver given that it is almost 1y old.

To make things a little easier, try using: Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

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Hey @jeff.lu

Welcome to the community firstly by the way!

Yes, given its 1 year old this could be the reason. If this does not solve the issue please reach out me via DM and we can try to get this handled for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. Interesting when I download the “latest” Iris Xe driver from Intel the one-year-old driver was what it installed, but with the link you shared I was able to get the latest driver. Thanks again. Unfortunately, the latest driver didn’t solve the flickering issue.

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One thing I would recommend that you do is to go to the BIOS settings and wait to see whether you see any flickering on the BIOS screen. if you do, that would indicate that it’s a hardware problem.

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I also made the mistake of performing a clean install. I used the Intel driver support software. It installed the 5/13/22 driver. I do not currently, nor have I experienced a screen flicker. Lots of other driver issues but no flicker.


I have discovered that the flickering started after I turned on “Use HDR” in Windows Setting. It getting better with a driver update, but doesn’t completely fix the issue until I turn the “Use HDR” option off. Has anyone experienced a similar issue?