Eve V Ryzen/RTX for professional content creation

Is anyone else in the mood for a Ryzen/RTX V workstation tablet with digitalizer for professional content creation, or am I the only one that’s desperately looking for something like this?


Would be awesome to even consider another constellation like R9 Zen 3 + Radeon 6000 XT series or whatever it’ll be called in the mobile version of it.

Exactly! Something like this. To be honest It would not even bother me to use a U processor from team Red as long as there is a powerful GPU. The reason I mention RTX is that for 3d rendering and visualization the RT cores speed up the process to a ridiculous degree. To give you an example, check these benchmarks.

Blender rendering, BMW scene, shorter is better.
AMD threadripper 1950x 16 cores. 175 seconds
RTX 2070 super using CUDA. 56 seconds
RTX 2070 super using OptiX. 26 seconds.

See attached files

Heavy graphics processing is moving to GPU. Something like this would be the ultimate tool.
Although with 76 views and only 2 likes seems unlikely to be a popular ask.

1950x blender scores 2070Super OptiX blender scores 2070Super CUDA blender scores

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