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This post serves to show the current status and history of the V, a 2-in-1 tablet and laptop computer developed by Eve and its community.

The V is on sale.

The V is still available for purchase in the web shop at evedevices.com.

Product specifications

Eve V (2017)
monitor size 12.3" (diagonal)
native resolution 2880 x 1920 Quad-HD+
aspect ratio 3 : 2
panel technology IGZO IPS TFT LCD
backlight technology LED
operating system Windows 10 / Windows 10 Pro
processor Intel 7th generation Core processor
Core m3-7Y30 / Core i5-7Y54 / Core i7-7Y75
memory 8GB / 16GB
1866MHz LPDDR3, dual-channel
graphics Intel HD Graphics 615
storage 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
battery rechargeable 48Wh lithium-ion polymer
Pen & Touch
touch-enabled 10-point multi-touch with metal mesh
pen-enabled N-trig pen support with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity
wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual-band Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 4.2
ports (2x) USB Type-A
USB 3.0 (up to 5Gbps)
(1x) USB Type-C
USB 3.1 Gen 1 (up to 5Gbps)
USB PowerDelivery
(1x) USB Type-C
USB 3.1 Gen 1 (up to 5Gbps)
USB PowerDelivery
Thunderbolt 3 Alternative Mode (4 PCIe lanes)
DisplayPort Alternate Mode (1.2) video output
HDMI Alternate Mode (1.4b) video output
(1x) 3.5mm minijack
headphone / speaker output
integrated Texas Instruments TPA6133 amplifier
(1x) SD card reader
micro-SD, micro-SDHC, micro-SDXC
speakers 4x 1W
microphones noise-canceling dual microphone array
Windows Hello fingerprint reader in power button
Anodized aluminum housing
Integrated kickstand (stepless adjustment up to 150°)
2MP front-facing camera
5MP rear-facing camera
V Keyboard
Folio cover for the V with luxurious ultrasuede finish
Windows Precision touch pad with textured glass surface
Keyboard with adjustable backlight brightness and color
Connects directly to the V, or up to 3 devices over Bluetooth
V Pen
Buttons for right-click and eraser function
Size and Weight
dimensions (W x H x D) 295.9mm x 210.3mm x 15.4mm with keyboard
295.9mm x 205.3mm x 8.9mm without keyboard
weight 1335g with keyboard
925g without keyboard
In the Box
Eve V
Eve V Keyboard
Eve V Pen
USB-C charger
USB-C charging cable (2m)
international plug set for charger
quick start guide
Additional display specifications
Display details
display area 259.2mm x 172.8mm
brightness 450cd/m² typical
local backlight dimming No
contrast ratio 1300 : 1 typical
viewing angles 178° horizontal
178° vertical
pixel pitch 0.09mm
pixel density 281.4ppi
displayable colors 16.7 million
color gamut 100% sRGB
color depth 8-bit
surface treatment Corning glass with oleophobic and anti-glare coating
response time 15ms GtG (grey-to-grey)
frequency 60Hz
adaptive sync No


If you are in need of support, we recommend contacting our support team through the contact form on our website. They will be able to look into the situation and provide a fitting solution.

This applies to all issues regarding:

  • Defects, damage, warranty and repair
  • Orders, billing, shipping and delivery
  • Status updates on existing support tickets

A history of the V


  • Eve’s crowd development concept is picked from a pool of many start-ups to receive a grant from the Finnish government innovation fund Tekes. With this funding, the groundwork is laid for a project codenamed Pyramid Flipper.
  • dough.community is launched. The freshly minted community decides fairly quickly that what they want to build is a tablet-first 2-in-1 computer, and that a kickstand is the way to go to keep it upright during use.
  • As soon as the form factor is decided upon, industrial design partner Propeller gets to work coming up with a number of ways the new device could end up looking. Many more designs and iterations will follow over the coming period as more and more features are locked in by the community.
  • The community has expressed its preferences for the display, deciding what size, aspect ratio and resolution their ideal portable computer would have. The screen almost will not support pen input, but community members make their voices heard, ensuring a stylus in every box.
    A fierce debate is waged on the community forum: should the device come with a powerful and decently energy efficient U-class processor, or with an energy efficient and decently powerful Y-class processor? Ultimately, the much higher battery life of Y wins out over the U’s slightly higher performance.
    Some 2-in-1 devices rely on a keyboard module or external dock to gain full connectivity. Not this one! The community decides that the keyboard cover should just be a keyboard and a display cover, and that all the ports should be present on the device itself.
  • The community expressed its preferences in wireless connectivity, and rules that battery life is a top priority, even at the cost of added size and weight.
    Elsewhere on the forum, community members are debating their preferences for the amount of memory and storage.
  • Eve establishes a partnership with a Chinese device manufacturer, but this partner soon backs out of the project, citing that the level of detail Eve wants to accomplish is ‘impossible’. Emdoor steps up to the plate, confident that they can take on the challenge and provide the quality Eve has envisioned.
  • Eve once more ends ahead of fierce competition to receive further funding from Tekes, a Finnish government fund focused on companies with disruptive ideas.
  • Industrial design partner Propeller and manufacturing partner Emdoor collaborate to make sure the mechanical design of the tablet both works great and looks great. Meanwhile, Emdoor works tirelessly on the electronic design with support from Intel.
  • Industry giants Intel and Microsoft both pledge testing and engineering support throughout the project to make sure the hardware and software work together as well as possible.
  • Having been on the hunt for parts since May, the team has finally sourced all necessary parts. For most components needed to build the new device, two or three options are available. The chosen high-end display is only available from one supplier, but Eve is able to contract them.
  • The overall design of the device is done, though many optimisations and tweaks will follow still as the handmade prototypes are tested more thoroughly than ever.
  • Intel invests funds into the project. Microsoft wants to help spread the word about our awesome Windows device and invests funds into its promotion.
  • Project: Pyramid Flipper gets its official product name: V (pronounced like the letter: vee /viː/).
  • The first round of manufacturing tools (‘tier 0’) are ready. Molding, casting and milling devices are now ready to create crude prototypes of our device! With every round of production, the tools are refined, and with each round of production the prototypes look and feel better and better.
  • The Eve V IndieGoGo campaign goes live and produces such traffic that it breaks the IndieGoGo payment processing servers! The originally planned batch of 500 Vs sold out within three hours, and more pre-order spots are quickly made available.
  • Eve teams up with accessory maker Mozo to crowd-develop protective sleeves for the V. Ultimately, three different designs are offered, and the community gets to pick which one gets made.
  • Accessory partner Mozo is inspired by the community and decides to put not one, but two of their sleeve designs into production. The V Zipper Sleeve and V Magnetic Sleeve are revealed to the world, and made available for pre-order as part of the IndieGoGo campaign.
  • The IndieGoGo pre-order campaign comes to an end. The V is a major success, breaking a few crowdfunding records. After the original batch sells out and more Vs are made available, about another 2 000 orders are placed.
  • An impromptu meet-up brings together nine community- and Eve team members in Helsinki, Finland. No prototypes are available to play with, but a good time is had by all.


  • It looks like everything in the box is getting community input, even the manual. Many people won’t need a paper user guide, but regulations mandate that we include one. So Eve collaborates with the community to decide what should be in it, and how we can make it as awesome as possible!
  • The team travels to China, and among other things visits the factory that will produce the V Wireless Keyboards. The CNC-milled unibody housing also gets some attention, to determine the best color for the V.
  • People have ordered their V from all over the globe, and not everyone is used to typing on an ANSI-US keyboard. Creating small batches of other layouts is a costly endeavour that our manufacturing partners aren’t prepared for. A project is started to determine the best balance between making as many popular keyboard layouts available as possible, and keeping our partners sane.
  • Eve teams up with Underdog, a company specialised in establishing a brand for start-ups. And since the community is the heart and soul of Eve, Underdog dives straight into surveying what people think and want from a product like the V and a company like Eve. All to get the ‘look and feel’ of Eve just right.
  • Work at Mozo continues to refine the two sleeve designs for the V. Community feedback is used to make every detail as perfect as possible, allowing the sleeves to protect your V and look good doing it!
  • The V is refined with the help of prototype testers in the community. With a number of community members getting hands-on time with Vs from various stages of pre-production a list of bugs and improvements soon grows, and the team works tirelessly to make sure every issue is addressed. After coming together to design the V, the community also helps refine it!
  • Everything is ready to go, and a mini mass production is run. This is the first time the machines that will be mass-producing Vs are, well, producing Vs. Everything goes according to plan and the process is ready to go, but subsequent age and wear testing of the devices points out a major flaw in the displays. Delaying mass production rather than shipping known sub-par quality products, new LCD panels are arranged with the supplier.
  • The keyboard layouts are almost finalised. Almost.
  • The community meets up twice in Germany: First twelve community members get their hands on five prototypes from three different stages of development in Ulm. The alcantara and microfiber versions of the keyboard cover, as well as both the zipper and magnetic sleeves make an appearance, as well as two Eve community managers. And beer. Lots of beer. Later the same month, five community members get their hands on a V prototype and discuss it ‘live’ in Leipzig.
  • The last known bugs are squashed and the prototypes are thoroughly tested to make sure they comply with all sorts of worldwide regulations – but most of all, to make sure that they comply with the expectations of the community.
  • The new website goes live, courtesy of design partner Underdog. The new design is bold, focusing on Eve’s intention to disrupt how devices are made. Various graphical elements from the new site are shown in a sneak peak campaign, with daily mysterious messages leading up to the launch. Though this also prepares the website for the web shop, no store is available yet. We do get the entry level price: $ 799 for the entry-level model – and that includes the keyboard cover and pen!
  • Eve is featured at the Microsoft booth at the Computex 2017 technology trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. What follows is a slew of articles and hands-on first impression videos from a variety of press and influencers, shining a spotlight on the V with much praise and anticipation.
  • Due to quality control issues with a shipment of LCD panels, there is some delay. With the launch around the corner and the displays being the final piece of the puzzle, there is much pressure to get the V shipped. Eve, however, chooses not to use the sub-par displays, and picks product quality over faster shipping.
  • Continued failure to meet display quality standards and delivery times leave Eve no option but to explore new sources of display panels. Luckily, recent positive media exposure in the wake of Computex has put Eve on the radar of a number of large display manufacturers. This allows for the purchase of displays without a meddlesome middle man, but also leads to additional delays.
  • A new partner is found in Japanese display giant Sharp. With the cutting-edge new panel, V will get one of the best displays on the market. The team gets to work testing sample panels to implement this final piece of the puzzle. It not only offers better image quality than the original screen, but also better energy efficiency!
  • With production delayed, a chance is seen to improve the offerings to the community. A 1TB drive is sourced and tested, and is offered as an upgrade option to everyone who pre-ordered, regardless of their chosen model.
  • The first shipment of the new Sharp panels arrives, meaning all pieces of the puzzle are now complete. For the first time in a long while, Eve is again in full control of the schedule.
  • Project: Donald Dock is launched, to crowd-develop a docking accessory for the V.
  • Production starts in earnest. Displays are bonded and sent back to Emdoor where the assembly team gets a refresher course on how to build a V.
  • The mini mass production run is a success. Small adjustments are made while the first Vs are once more subjected to a torturous regime of tests. Which they pass!
  • The opening of the web store and prices for the various V models are officially announced.
  • Power outages cause a few days of delays. Flights are (re-)re-scheduled to keep a close eye on production and the Eve team and Emdoor personnel work overtime to catch up.
  • The first Vs leave the factory to find a new home with the backers of the IndieGoGo campaign.
  • The internet is flooded with reviews from press and influencers.
  • The first Vs arrive with their IndieGoGo backers.
  • The first flash sale through the web store is a great success.


  • The community meets up in Seattle: Six community members get to hang out with Eve’s big boss. …and the CEO was there, too :wink:
  • Eve teams up with dbrand to provide quality precision-cut vinyl skins to both protect your V from scratches and customize it’s look.
  • The last Vs finally ship out to IndieGoGo backers.