Eve V protective Case for a tablet

Let’s collaborate with one of the companies like we did with Mozo, but this time for a protective case for a tablet itself.

I am pretty sure many people will be on my side.

For example, I work in construction, so for me is very important to keep devices protected…

@Team , can we do this somehow since now people finally started to receive devices ?


You may want to check One year with my V in daily business use! Ask me what you want to know about my V!

More specifically a SP3 case was adapted to store the V.

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I saw that, but it was a custom-made by the author

I think a hard case would be used by a lot of folks, I am using the soft side magnet case right now on the website. It works pretty well, but after reading people’s complaints about the pen being damaged, I don’t use the loop, I use the slot on the other side to store the pen.

Ask to dbrand to do it. They launched their new product prism for Smartphone