Eve V Pen | A touch of precision

This thread serves to show the current status and history of the V Pen, a stylus for the V.

The status of the project as of February 21st, 2019.

Present: The current state of events


Each V will be shipped with a V Pen. The pen will also be available separately once stock is available for the web shop.


The V Pen is an active electrostatic stylus based on N-trig technology. It supports 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Press and hold the eraser button (closest to the tip of the pen) and draw the pen tip across the screen through contents to be erased (in supported software). Press and hold the right-click button (farthest from the tip of the pen) and touch the pen tip to the screen to simulate clicking the right mouse button.

The V Pen requires one AAAA battery to function, and one is included with the V Pen. It is pre-installed and may need to be re-inserted with correct polarity before the V Pen can be used. To access the battery compartment, the rear end of the V Pen can be unscrewed in counter-clockwise direction.

The V Pen is compatible with Microsoft Surface devices (Surface Pro 3 and newer). Similarly, Surface Pens (second generation and newer) will function on the Eve V.

Past: A history of the V Pen

January 2016

  • dough.community is launched. The freshly minted community decides fairly quickly that what they want to build is a tablet-first 2-in-1 computer, and that it should support pen and touch.
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