EVE V or Surface GO?

It’s simple really…
I am just curious of how do You feel about that comparison between the V and the GO.
Is the Eve V better, same or worse than the Surface GO?
Would You rather get the V or the GO.
I’m aware of the price difference so let’s assume that they are the same price.
Or not!
It’s up to You punks :kissing_heart:
I didn’t make any pools about it, I just want Your precious thoughts about that subject…
Please do comment :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

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I’d prefer the Go personally. It’s definitely underpowered, but it’s also $400 cheaper than the entry level V and way more portable even after factoring the keyboard. It seems like a perfect on-the-go 2nd or 3rd computer. The V is honestly a pretty tough sell at this point, at least for me.


what’s the point of buy-in git then ?
With windows it only gets slower as it is used.

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Actually, the senior creator Patrick has compared the surface Go with V in a post “Alternative to V”, which also includes other devices competition.


Eve has a several concepts of the specs in budget price, a great competitor to the Surface Pro, but that’s no I am saying V is preferable for anyone, the shipping delay and support is worrysome.

Hope this may help you.


1 benefit of the go. You pay your money, it shows up within a few days. It is slower, as it is a pentium, smaller, and the accessories cost more. However you can get it tomorrow if you live near a Microsoft store.


Underpowered might’ve been the wrong term. It’s more than sufficient for everyday tasks, word processessing, web browsing, UWP apps, code editors (not IDEs), etc. It’s underpowered in the sense that it probably shouldn’t be your only computer.


Personally, I would go with the Go. It is slower than all models of EVE V, but its lower price compensates for that difference. I use computers with an external display unless the screen is ≥15" so Go would be a lot more portable as a secondary computer. EVE is the more premium device and has far better connectivity vs Go. As the main device, V as a computer itself is better for most ppl.

The deal breaker for EVE is their shopping & delivery process (and potentially customer support). My support experience was decent considering the size of the company, but I know this is not true for everyone. If I were to order a Surface Go today, I could reasonably expect it to arrive in a few days with free shipping. MS seems to have a better return policy (30 vs 14 days) plus I would actually get the money back in a reasonable amount of time if I choose to return the device. Having the wrong OS installed or having missed accessory is probably not an issue if I were to buy a Surface Go. EVE should make their terms & conditions better imo

V is a decent machine to buy on itself, but the shopping experience is terrible for a device at this position… unfortunately they took longer to deliver V compared to the time you wait for your AliExpress free shipping :frowning:


Considering that Surface devices don’t play well with Linux the entire Surface line would be a big no-go for me.

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I am happy that I got the Eve. That being said, I’d choose the Go right now.

Go costs less and likely has better pen support and is gonna be lighter and more comfortable to hold.

V is more powerful, has the best screen ever, and has been able to handle absolutely everything I’ve thrown at it.

Go makes more sense as the school computer I was going for, especially considering the price, but the V is a lot more and I’m super happy with my purchase, Alhamdulillah.


Considering it’s impossible to get an EVE, there’s literally no comparison. Most people have been waiting 9+ months on a device that has never come. Unless you want to wait a year for a device (that may be broken when you receive it, setting you back another 3 months), go with the GO.

tl;dr: The Go is better than EVE because it’s impossible to get an EVE


V versus Go looks a bit as soccer compared to ice hockey:
Soccer uses shoes, ice hockey skates, but both reward when a ball/ puck is put between two poles at the end of the field.


You’re right. it is impossible to get the company Eve as a product and I’m not sure why you’d suggest anyone would try.


if you can live with the risk of long shipping time and very long support times (replacement, repair, spare parts) then choose the V.

if you need a device for dialy use, and if you are relied on it to work, better take the surface / surface go

can only say that points are also very important, beside hardware specs, price, and benchmarking

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Ah thanks but I ain’t looking for V.
My needs are: Smartphone => Laptop => Desktop
As You can see, I have no place for a tablet :grimacing:
Surface Book would fit reeealy nice in that formula but it’s too expensive :disappointed:
Plus, after the window phone fiasco, I got mad and switched to Apple ecosystem.
Now things work without a problem and work gets done.
I admit, my resistance was futile, I am assimilated :joy:
About the comparison between the two, I’m really indecisive… And that’s weird to me because the V has better specifications. It should be an easy choice but it isn’t… And that’s what baffles me.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion :+1:t2: