Eve V or LG gram 2017

Hello people,

First post on this forum, but I have tried to read A LOT about Eve, and also watched all videos from Konstantinos’ channel. I am interested in buying a version (which one?) which has 512gb of ssd (road trips and 128 GB SD card in camera – you know what I mean :d), and I’d also like to watch films with my gf.

Since I want a light device, I was looking at Eve V, but also LG gram 15 caught my attention (especially after the videos from Jerry Rig Evening – that thing looks TOUGH!).

My issue is that I really don’t know if a 12 inch screen would be good enough for watching films in 2.

What is your opinion on this? (I’ll have to go to a computer store and check the size of a similar sized laptop).

Also, in the unfortunate case that the screen is actually too big of an issue for me, could I return/sell the Eve V?

Note: I am no backer, just a guy who found about Eve from Linus tech tips :d.

Thanks in advance.

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Hiya there! :slight_smile:

Personally I can suggest you checking out the Surface Pro (4) in terms of size, as the V is very similar in terms of size.

As for the model - right now only our high-end model (i7/16GB RAM/512 GB SSD) does feature a 512GB SSD, but if you’re fine with 256GB and a little less RAM then our i5/8GBRAM /256GB SSD model might also be fitting nicely for you.


Size matters :wink: , and on the go , you can not plug V to some display. I believe 12 is ok for 2 but just 2 , because I have a 10 inch tablet and once 3 of my family wants to watch something on it , it becomes less entertaining… but this device or any 12-15 inch laptops are meant for personal consumption only. But 2 can enjoy equally considering how good the speakers on V are ! ( see you know some good YouTube channels too )

Darn @iKirin , isn’t there any i5 with 512? That’s what I was interested in. I don’t need the i7 power, I’ve got a PC for the actual video editing (Or at least, there was this underclocking/tdp limiting in the bios to save some battery, right?), 256 I fear is kinda too little for my needs.

Regarding the surface test: I live in Romania, and there isn’t any Microsoft store (that I know of) here. I’ll have to check at other dealers.

@Joseph_Mcqueen, I know size matters: 2 128GB SD card :yum:.