EVE V or HP Spectre x360 Intel i7 8th generation

I ordered the V as HEB back in November 2016 as, at that time, it was a high end machine from a technical point of view and the pricing was great. So I ordered/backed the i7 model (7th generation processor).

However, now that we’re December 2017, I noticed for example that a HP Spectre 360 with the latest i7 8th generation processors and 1TB, is only 2.000 EUR (21% VAT incl.) so it would only cost me 1.580 EUR net. And it has better battery life and fast USB C charging.

It doens’t have the 2-in-1 tablet + keyboard design but specs are better than Eve V.

I’m just wondering, are there any other differences I shoud know about in advance that can’t be solved (bloatware can be desinstalled) before dumping the Eve V and getting me a HP Spectre 360 ?

Thanks for your input as I’m not particularly tech-savvie.

edit : Oh yes, and I can have it within 24 hours at my doorstep !


It sounds like a great deal honestly! My only problem with HP (other than the bloatware) is the lack of quality control. Their products have a bad habit of breaking constantly, though the customer support/warranty is amazingly good - it can just become annoying to have to send in your computer every month or two to get repaired/replaced (f that happens to you, it might not).


My wife owns the previous i7 7th generation of the Spectre 360 HP. It is a jewel. Minimal bloatware, easily removed by me. The usual HP software is extremely useful for keeping drivers and bios up-to-date. Also self-diagnostics software with support options. HP has been making these for awhile. I suppose most of the kinks have been worked out as we have not encountered any. I also love the built-in facial recognition. All reviews from the computer rags have been extremely positive. I cannot find anything negative about this model HP relating to reliability.
I backed EVE because I wanted to take part in a community developed computer project. It has taken much longer than I anticipated. I hear you.


In my opinion, getting taxes off really is the point at the moment which makes many people tilt to other manufacturers’ side, as Eve doesn’t currently have this kind of advantage (yet). Actually, I was speaking more about this exact same thing in this topic: https://dough.community/t/questions-about-taxation/9891/14


Great deal, go for it

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As you say they are different form factors so not really comparing apples with apples. But if a pear is your thing go for it :slight_smile:


Well, I like my vitamines and I was planning to have an apple but then I
saw this fresh, juicy pear which I now prefer over the no longer so fresh


i think whats gonna most likely kill the V is if microsoft introduces thunderbolt 3, 8th gen U processers, bigger battery. this ussumption is if microsoft doen’t raise the price of the MS surface pro

Having two full-sized USB and two thunderbolt ports sounds like that HP’s designer was inspired from V and tried to make better one.

as someone pointed out, its not entirely an apples to apples comparison because of the form factor, and i’m not just nitpicking, between the V and my girlfriends 13’ flippy laptop (which should be reasonable proxy of the 13’ x360), the laptop is noticeably bigger - even if her laptop is actually thinner than the V.

but yeah, as far as flip laptops go the HP is pretty awesome, and the ash grey is so pretty too. the main issue for me would be the active cooling (my girlfriend’s laptop is silent, that’s a contributing factor to how i found the V lol. fanless = silent, and silent = awesome.) and that its not a tablet.

I used to have HP products one after another but I always had 1 main issue with the various products over time - battery life dies significantly after about a year…

Also, this seems to be hitting the news recently. They did state that it didn’t only affect them but still concerning.