Eve V only useful for at home or stationary use?

It seems more and more likely to me that I’ll have to send the V back unopened, hope for a quick refunding and then buy a surface - even though I despise Microsoft.
But with all all these issues (coating rubbing off, cables not holding which means I cannot connect the unit to projectors, bt keyboard not working, not properly connecting to wifi, etc.) - which as far as I can tell from no one answering when asked @Konstantinos won’t be changed for the flash sale devices - the V really seems not fit as a in field working convertible for- in my case - teachers or other people who need their devices to be more mobile.
I fully understand that the loudest voices will always be the complainers, so are there any of you who use the V out there and can tell me that it’ll be suitable for my indented purpose?

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I have neither of these problems and love my V. You should give it a shot at least.


You mean none of these problems? There are more than two listed.

That’s Unfair, and unrealistic opinion formed, that too when you base on 1-2% of faulty (subcomponents) devices and plus that too from someone who did not even bother to open up his items and be happy like the other 98%. Anyway, you are entitled to your opinion and chose other big players device made by them for you.



That’s like saying you don’t want a Maserati because you heard some people say they got a flat tyre or ran out of petrol.


No problems at all. It rocks!

  • Very minimal coating rubbing off for me, found a diy solution to make it stop
  • If the cables weren’t holding I would have constant problems with my egpu.The top USB C port is indeed a little weaker but the USB C thunderbolt 3 port is solid
  • Never had any problem with the BT Keyboard
  • Never had any problem with the Wifi

Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve chosen Eve Tech because I want to support underdogs and I’m convinced that thus could be a great product, if functional. And again, I’ve started this thread, not to attack anyone, but to hear from people that this device actually delivers on its promises.
The reason why I said unopened is because of the incredible long time it needs to be delivered and reimbursed.
As I started in the beginning of this thread

So could we stop feeling attacked and throw around ad hominem arguments or unsustainable (or do you have reliable sources to publish?) percentages and use this thread for its intended use:
Positive examples how the V is awesome fire in field usage!


Well, youre buying a first gen product, issues like those are honestly bound to happen to any first gen product, be it an Eve V, Surface RT, iPhone 2G, or even a Tesla.

Assuming youre talking about the top USB-C port (note the bottom one holds much better), I can testify that I have many USB cables and ironically, Eve cable is the only one that falls off quite easily.

I have an HDMI/VGA adapter, HDMI 2.0 cable, USB-C-to-Lightning cable, USB-C-to-microUSB cable, USB-C-to-USB-A adapter and probably few others that I dont even remember, and all of them can “lock” just fine on both USB-C ports, a bit better on the bottom one.

I bought it all from Amazon. If you want the exact product, send me a PM.

BT keyboard does work. The only difference is the touchpad has no PTP functionality (but still works better than 99% of the laptops out there), and the keyboard reacts a bit slowly if youre a fast typist. Note that you dont have to use the BT functionality of the keyboard, other tablets dont have it either.

Never heard this complaint before tbh, or something that cant be fixed with a driver update. I only hear good things about the wifi, particularly the range.

Care enough to share the solution? Mine has two large mark around the keyboard connector area.


Ok…can understand your frustration, but it has nothing to do with the list of issues you have listed as it won’t be the same in your unopened device, or worst it may also a disaster, such as screen is broken too in the shipment, who knows, maybe V itself is missing in the shipment, but that does not mean we form the opinion on something which you chose not to even open. Its called “presupposing”, which results in wrong NEXT action (which you chose not to open it).

PS: In modern days, you might have heard country having superior military power opt to cowardly “Preemptive war” (often with false flag), which lead to unjust wars without even a valid reason, and subsequent damage to loss of life and property. Which we should avoid. :slight_smile:


You’d probably be less of a ladies man, seeing as how you keep forgetting which car is the real pussy wagon.

No, he’s an old man and i’ll call him senile as long as he keeps forgetting about the (glorious) Multipla!

On a serious note though, no one’s attacked anyone in this thread yet, so i’m not sure what you’re referring to here.

  1. There are 500 HEBs.
  2. The first batch of LB’s numbered ~1200.

these numbers are on the forum somewhere.

now lets assume 200 HEBs went for 1TB, and that there was a ~33% return rate. that would mean 300 + 1200 = 1500 Vs delivered, 500 returned - so roughly 1000 Vs in the wild.


So out of 1000 V owners, 19 people bothered to vote on a poll in a thread titled “V Keyboard scratches off anti-reflective coating”, and 6 people indicated they have this issue.

So. let’s assume these 6 are the 1-2% referred to here.

That would imply a population size of 300-600.

Therefore, his percentage is very sustainable and would still be within acceptable sustainitiness even if 400-700 V owners were blind and couldn’t see the really terrible holes in their coating.


That leads me to believe you only want one thing:

That being the case, i can only surmise that you will not be satisfied with the (excellent) replies from @Xify and @Patrick_Hermawan above.

Therefore, i welcome you to visit me and tag along on a normal workday, then you’ll have an idea of what my V has been through for the past 2 months - proper field usage - and you’ll see its still doing great.

You can even bunk with me, as long as i get to be the little spoon.


What was your diy solution? Actually I see it:

On the contrary, I expected this entire thread to be filled with these kind of reassuring replies!!!
Keep those coming and I know I’ll be excited one again whenever I’ll finally hold the package in my hand trembling, not being able to restrain myself from opening it long enough to do an unbixing video.

And btw, I think if you and I were co-workers, we’d be best friends. All your completely politically incorrect comments just make me feel hopeful for humanity.
Oh yeah and I’d probably have to pick you up ever so often in the middle of the night from some shady part of town because your cannot find your wallet or backside anymore because someone has broken your heart once again. But that just might be my imagination running wild here.

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The coating rubbing off is not a big deal, especially if you choose to use the screen protector.

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Having extra battery life is excellent, but carrying a brick isn’t… V is damn heavy for me. Don’t expect holding it one-hand, it feels like a 5 pound dumbbell. Somehow contradicting with a 2-in-1 of easy use

As stated in the other thread before: I’m using my V since mid of December everyday in office (connected to a 34’ monitor, working with architecture programs), private (Netflix, Spotify and all that stuff) and outside (making notes at construction sites). I have none of those issues and a lot more things to like than with my old Surface Pro… I love the screen, Bluetooth keyboard is great and the silence is adorable…

@GerTomB : Just try to find a V HEB in Munich and check the V (hands-on) before opening your box. AFAIK @thedrawer is anywhere around Passau…

…and I have to add: If you’d buy a Surface there is no bluetooth Keyboard connection anyhow…


Nothing is better than trying. So of course if you @GerTomB want to have a hand on this class machine, send me a pm. I’m around Landshut. I’m owning an m3 one.


HEB with 1TB is ±50, number was mentioned in one of the old threads

Somewhere I read something with 400 in total and 50 for HEB.

oh that’s nice - I’d love too but saw on the map that nobody is near me. We-all would need to make little hands-on meetings in all parts of the world… :slight_smile: