Eve V: my very first impressions

Ok, I finally got my V so time for the first impressions.
Actually, I got a unit in December but the touch screen was defective and had a constant ghost touch on two distinct points on the top and bottom bezels, which made the unit completely unusable. As a result I organised with support for a replacement unit to be sent to me this January… and it now arrived.

  • The display is as good as you would expect it to be. I’m not equipped to give an evaluation of actual color accuracy, but I definitely found no problem so far.
  • The speakers on this unit work well. They didn’t work well on the previous unit, which was probably an overall bad one.
  • The keyboard has ups and downs. Key presses are sharp and neat just the way I like them, except maybe the Enter key. The touchpad is not as good as the keyboard itself and has a very noticeable tendency to collect dirt from your hands, so it will need constant cleaning. Apart from this minor detail, my major concern is that to use the bottom region to click it takes an excessive pressure, making it quite uncomfortable. Still, it’s perfectly viable. I couldn’t get it to connect via Bluetooth so far, so I’m waiting to see if it needs a full charge or it’s just defective. I wish they printed on the keys the PgUp/PgDown, as one has to remember where they are. Same for other combinations. I wish they added a dedicated power button to turn it on/off via Bluetooth.

Overall I’m very satisfied with this unit so far (keep in mind: it’s been just a few hours so far). Eve delivered for me. With some hiccups on the way, but it delivered.


For the bluetooth you just need to press ctrl f12 to turn bluetooth. Itll blink a couple times letting you know that its on. Might take a few attempts like mine to get it tethered.

I did that and it didn’t show up in the devices list. I kept the bluetooth button pressed for 5 seconds and the light blinked, the device showed up, but couldn’t connect.

Anyway, today the same process succeeded at the first attempt, so all good now. I love that feature!

@Filippo_Possenti I had the same issue, trying following this thread i created to connect the Bluetooth Keyboard.


I thought i had a faulty keyboard, until I did these steps:

  1. Opened the “find bluetooth” list in windows
  2. Attached keyboard to V
  3. Pressed the V Keyboard that shows up after attaching it
  4. Turned bluetooth on the keyboard (ctrl+f12) while windows was trying to connect, and it worked

That might be my case too, as the keyboard and the V were on my lap and the keyboard connected itself without me noticing while I was attempting the connection that worked on its first try.

It’s weird. Could be a glitch in the keyboard’s firmware.