Eve V Macbook for daily light computing use

So I have a surface pro 4 that I use for work, and a macbook 2018 that I bought while waiting for my Eve to arrive. While most folks will compare this to the Macbook pro, I don’t think it is an exact comparison, as both the mac and the eve have lower wattage processors, and are NOT for hardcore video processing or photo editing. The mac and the Eve both have great screens, decent speakers for laptops, and are extremely portable. I think that typing on Eve’s keyboard is far better than typing on Mac’s as there is significantly more key travel. I think that is the case with with the SP4 cover as well. Neither one has a great web cam, but having a rear camera has been handy when I have meetings to take pictures of docs, and agenda’s. The Macbook doesn’t have that. As entertainment devices, both are pretty much equal, with the Eve being a bit more flexibly to attach to a monitor when needed. Photo editing is about the same, since I am using GIMP for anything raw, but I will give mac’s included photo editor a step up over windows but that isn’t the computer mfg’s fault. Anyone else have thoughts?


Seems like you’ve made up ur mind about it? But for your reassurance… eve v is a macbook in laptop form factor… except if you boot into mac os the drivers are a nightmare.

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I like the V better, as it is more useful to me than the macbook. However the Mbook does have some qualities that I didn’t think I would like. I hadn’t used macOS since college.

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Macbooks have far better lifetime, reliability, and really good microphones. Eve has lower price, most of MacBooks higher performance. And also MacBooks have their own ecosystem. Than there is final cut which is great on Mac and macOS. And windows compatible with more apps

So far my V has been solid, I use it every day, it isn’t my primary, as I have a full size desktop for my home stuff, but when I travel, It fits in my bag, and works pretty well. I can play games using a EGPU, and I have found that the performance when using a monitor works as well as my work surface pro 6. The I7y competes pretty well for most work tasks with the I5U. As to the macbook, it is lighter, but to get the same level of productivity out of it as the V I need a dongle.

Also if they hadn’t taken so long to deliver it (1 year) I wouldn’t have bought the macbook.