Eve V line-up Intel G series refresh?

So if you’ve been following CES18 you’ve probably already heard of the franken Intel-AMD chips with Intel processor and AMD graphics. Not only that the mobile chips for AMD CPU’s (With obviously AMD graphics) are also rolling out.

So to be blunt should there potentially be refresh of the original V’s with upgraded processors?

What do you think would be the best choice for that? Intel-AMD with the “guaranteed” Intel quality and performance but also the price OR full AMD cpugpu chip with the potential to give performance that would have been hard to imagine in the V form factor and pricing.

Thoughts/Analysis are welcome, be sure to check out CES18 commentaries there is some seriously dope stuff in the future.


The problem here is that performance = energy = battery drain. The V form factor isn’t exactly meant to be a high power, low battery life machine. Those chips are meant for standard laptops - even with the extra special Surface Book form factor the GPU is typically separated from the processor in a way that the Intel G series doesn’t do.

A V with a Ryzen chip would be interesting, but it would have to be a 15W model to be effective.

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not really physically possible to go with anything with a greater TDP than core y series , you’d end up with something like this. with a price tag to match no doubt.

Not true. There are plenty of tablets that houses Intels mobile chips, not the y-series. Surface pro, for example.
Furthermore, Acer has the Switch 7 that not only has a processor with a TDP at 15W, but also an MX150 dedicated graphics card.
But, as @Jamil_Stafford said, it is not a great recipe for lgood battery life…


A V model with that chip will come with the extra function of being a portable frying pan

then you need to go with an ultrabook with fans. or liquid cooling like ACER. It means also that the company need to have the necessary funds to accept any problem with the liquid cooling on some % of its units.
We can think about a eve ultrabook which could match what ACER did but the tablet market are still dominated by Apple.
And let’s look to an Apple product for a minute. You won’t get the performance for an ultrabook that’s for sure but it won’t really be bad since you can even do some CAD at 60fps now. And all that with no fans, no cooling besides the case materials and in nearly every weather condition whatsoever. Even in heavy summer in the sun.
Here with the V you got all that but much more since you have an OS where you can actually develop and compile things which means in short, a full OS which is not the case on an ipad. And I need to emphase that, Apple + Android are still dominating the market.
So let’s try something like an high end ultrabook with mobile ryzen for example for start and then miniaturise it when the cooling technology and battery technology are mature enough to do it.

Or, go ham and make serious notebook using the Kaby Lake G with Vega M GH chip and stuff 2 batteries in it, one 10WHr one 90WHr, making the 90WHr battery hot swappable (here would be a good place to use those samsung oled panels, lower res = Less battery consumption = higher fps)

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Please no Intel for once… Not until they do some design changes for spectre and meltdown + AMT + ME. Can’t we just used AMD ? anyway thunderbolt is coming royalty free this year…

You don’t need lower screen res for more fps, just use a lower resolution for your game.

Nobody likes my battery idea, sad

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Actually I like it. Do you remember the old 3apple3 idea I think with the old macbook pro? it was possible to put 2 batteries to each sides…

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