Eve V + Lenovo eGPU graphics dock TB3

Hello dear community.
As we all know the Intel Y series CPU´s have a modest graphics chip that does not allow more serious Gaming and CAD work. It is therefore vital to use eGPU´s with the V. Most eGPU´s are monstrous and are not mobile at all. I was looking for a more mobile eGPU and found two. The First is an Acer Graphics Dock from 2016, sadly discontinued.

The second one is a Lenovo G0A10170UL Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock. It came out on January this year. Price wise it costs too much! Though, it is compact and one could travel with it.

My question is: Has anyone tested this eGPU with an Eve V?
Does the graphics card get recognized and does charging through TB3 work?

Thank you in advance!


yes, yes and yes.

i have an aorus gamingbox. charges fine on the tb3 port above the usb a.

i am using it with the tablet display and even with a performance loss its still very good. i dont game much but i have tried it with PUBG and divinity 2

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Lol my Asus strix 1070 alone weighs more than my V! Any decent eGPU Dock would be way too cumbersome to travel with - much less so with a gpu installed.

The problem it addresses is more one of fragmentation (having multiple computers and files across them) than portability.

Thanks for your feedback.

I assumed you referred to the Lenovo Graphics dock, rather than the Aorus Gaming Box.

Do you also own the Lenovo graphics dock and have tested it with the V?

I disagree. We all have our use-case limits of course and your definition of “decent” may be different than mine. However, the Aorus Gaming Box is compact at a little over 5 lbs (2.36kg) and fits in a suitcase just fine without sacrificing much room at all. For me, the mini ITX 1070 card provides enough oomph for the games I play. If I’m driving somewhere, I just toss it in the car in the included bag. Not cumbersome at all.
Edit: It does not have an ethernet port or a SSD mount. So one of those could be immediate deal breakers for someone. But it’s still a ‘decent’ eGPU dock in my opinion. :slight_smile:

This looks interesting. I only searched for a minute or so :smirk:, but I can’t find any information about whether the GPU is user replaceable/upgradable. From looking at pics of this unit, I seriously doubt it. While I consider my Aorus Gaming Box to be ‘portable’, this Lenovo dock looks to be close to half the dimensions and weight of the Aorus. So that’s something. That 1050 card though … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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rambling about size

Point taken. Indeed, your use case:

…is what i would consider “cumbersome”, because it would weigh as much if not more (and take up more space) than a gaming laptop (not the “uber expensive uber slim uber high end kind”, the “uber high end but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg so heavy AF” kind).

I guess it would be better to rephrase what I meant by saying most docks that can fit a decent gpu (given the space requirements of those things and the heat they shit out) would - necessarily by design - be much less portable than the lenovo box.

Tbh i actually think this is a decent purchase, just, y’know - I don’t think you’re going to find a 1070 in something this size.

I think we can both agree: the lenovo is very attractive in the portability department - but that 1050, and no upgradeability? ugh.

ANYHOO, my point was more of this:

Side note:

It’s 3,999.00 HKD, that’s like 400usd or less, I think? For a portable dock that powers your device, has USB-A port (for MUCHO EXTENSIONS), AND comes with a 1050 eGPU, I think that’s pretty reasonable.

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Check this out… (the link is originally from someone from SC WhatsApp group I don’t remember correctly)


I have the the Lenovo TB3 eGPU graphics dock and have had good experience with it. I had no problems with it when using an external monitor.

If you want to use the internal display with the eGPU, then you need to wait until the V has booted up into windows and then plug in the dock.

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Thanks! That is a dream … would keep an eye on their development.
Though … we all know the game of Kickstarter projects and the time frames.

Was looking for an already on the market solution.

Great feedback, K!
Sent you a PM