Eve V keyboard port

The keyboard connector/port is no longer working.
I know it’s not the keyboard as I have two (the touchpad was buggy on the first one).
I used the bluetooth for a while but the battery discharged and it’s no longer working.
I tried brushing both male and female connectors, toothbrush, soft metallic brush, cutter blade, etc. but no change whatsoever.

Anyone knows if there’s any way to charge the keyboard somehow? connecting a certain voltage to some specific pins?

Any ideas what else I should try? (I am trying to avoid opening it as I had a very bad experience unglueing a surface 4 screen)

It is a normal USB connection, charging can be done with +5V to leftmost pin and ground to rightmost when looking the keyboard from normal typing orientation. Image for clarity:
Keyboard Pinout
(If it blows up, not my fault)

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Thanks a lot! I was readind the thread when I got the notification.
I’m trying to 3d print a connector with a slot for 2 geomag bars to keep it connected.

I’ll share a thingiverse with photos if I get to something I’m not ashamed of.


So did you were able to produce something fancy?

In my case… My battery is apprx. 100% dead. The pogo pins also loose connections several times in a minute (but only the touchpad is affected) and the keyboard starts pressing ß randomly…

So my keyboard is trash. Looking for alternatives :confused: