Eve V Keyboard | Make it a tablet! - No! A laptop!

This thread serves to show the current status and history of the V Keyboard, a keyboard cover for the V that can also be used wirelessly over Bluetooth.

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The status of the project as of February 21st, 2019.

Present: The current state of events


Each V will be shipped with a V Keyboard. The keyboard will also be available separately once stock is available for the web shop.


The V Keyboard connects to the V through a custom connector based on ‘pogo pins’ and magnets. Because of this, the keyboard can easily be attached to- or detached from the V, but will not connect physically to other devices.

The V Keyboard is equipped with Bluetooth technology and can be used to wirelessly control the V or other Bluetooth-compatible device.

The V Keyboard is not electronically or mechanically compatible with the Microsoft Surface devices. Whilst you could use it to control any of those devices through Bluetooth, you won’t be able to charge the keyboard without a V.

Languages and keyboard layouts

Being sold the world over, there has been much demand for localized keyboard lay-outs. Because this device was designed by all of you, we understand that it won’t feel as much yours if you can’t type your native language, and so we’ve done all we can to offer as many different keyboard lay-outs as we can.

As a relatively small player in this market we cannot offer every possible language, and it’s more expensive to produce the much smaller batches for our alternative keyboard layouts. Because of this, an additional fee may be charged for all layouts except the default US keyboard.

The following five languages are currently available in our store. Of course, you’ll be able to pick the keyboard of your choice during the order process for your V!

Default (included with the V):



Also available (at an additional charge):





Nordic (for Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish)




The US keyboard uses an ANSI layout. All other layouts use an ISO layout.

Languages that are no longer available

Available only to early web shop customers and IndieGoGo backers

The following layouts are no longer being manufactured due to low demand and are no longer available.


Dutch / US-ISO






All these layouts including the Japanese one use an ISO layout. Sadly, JIS layouts were not available from our supplier.

Available only to IndieGoGo backers

The following layouts were only available to IndieGoGo backers during the pre-order campaign. Due to low demand they are no longer being manufactured and were not available at launch.





All these layouts use an ISO layout.

Past: A history of the V Keyboard

January 2016

  • dough.community is launched. The freshly minted community decides fairly quickly that what they want to build is a tablet-first 2-in-1 computer, that a kickstand is the way to go to keep it upright during use and that a keyboard cover will be the key to switching between tablet and laptop mode…

January 2017

  • The team travels to China, and among other things visits the factory that will produce the V Keyboards.

February 2017

  • People have ordered their V from all over the globe, and not everyone is used to typing on an ANSI-US keyboard. Creating small batches of other layouts is a costly endeavor that our manufacturing partners aren’t prepared for. A project is started to determine the best balance between making as many popular keyboard layouts available as possible, and keeping our manufacturing partners sane.

April 2017

  • The keyboard layouts are mostly finalized.

January 2018

  • Due to the relatively high cost of custom layouts and the lack of- or very low demand for some, the number of available keyboard layouts has been reduced.