Eve V (i7 model) freezing

I’ve reseting my pc to factory settings and still have the freezing problem. I can’t do any hardware testing since it ends up freezing in the middle of it. I’m suspecting that it might have to be the sdd or ram possibly being a defect. Anyone else?

I have the most up to date windows

Sounds like a defective hardware. Do contact support.


^ what he said, or you can try keeping your V warm ╰(*´︶*)╯


someone just used this joke this morning lol.

ok so no response from support, im kindve left with a randomly freezing tablet…any suggestions?

How long has it been since last contact? Iirc it’s 5 days for support to reply now

ah ok, if thats the response time then itll probably be another 2 days for me.

so I do know that the tablet runs alot hotter than normal and that something in the background is constantly running

Maybe it’ll show up in task manager? Look for processes that have high cpu utilisation

You need to go to the details tab in task Manager to really see the processes that run.

only thing that shows up alot is the anti malware exec, the system interupts show up as well…sory im taking long to respond as its freezing while doing so

How did you reset the system? Maybe the Bug is present in the Image to restore too…
Could you try to describe the freezing a little bit better.

Try to Update all the drives from the Community and from the Intel driver updater, maybe that helps a bit.

It is normal for the V to be a little bit hotter, my i7 is always warm to Touch after some minutes of use. when playing light games it gets about 40°C (not measured).

The best way to trouble-shoot this problem is by seeing if the freezing occurs on a Linux distro, which will narrow the list down to a problem with hardware.

If you download PartedMagic (https://partedmagic.com/) and put it on USB, the OS distro will run entirely off ram so you don’t overwrite your windows 10. Note - PartedMagic is not free but it has a whole host of programs which can analyses your V from SSD to ram etc.

If you don’t want to pay, you can always use a free Linux distro like Porteus (http://porteus.org/) or Knoppix (KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD) which you can download and install to USB. Boot it up and run entirely on ram and see if the freezing still occurs.

If the freezing occurs, then this will be 100% a hardware issue and not a problem with your windows 10 install. If the freezing doesn’t occur, then it’s a problem with your Windows and not hardware. This is an excellent way to troubleshoot computer problems.


i have a dual boot ubuntu 16.04 lts, ill see if that still freezes there. ill also update the intel drives

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I wouldn’t recommend using Ubuntu…that OS is notorious for instability issues and isn’t really a good benchmark for troubleshooting, but it’s up to you.

keep in mind the V runs hotter than normal by design.

the CPU runs at 7W instead of the standard 4.5W (still within intel’s specs, 7W is an option, i think they are 3W, 4.5W and 7W), and the intel dptf (something something thermal framework) thermal limits were adjusted to accommodate this. as a result, it is not unusual for the V to feel hotter than what you might be used to with other devices.

nothing to worry about as it is very unlikely that the V is overheating, there are many things in place to throttle the processor before it even reaches the point where that would happen.

one good thing about the chassis of the V being the part of the cooling solution where heat is dissipated is that we have a 100% definite indicator of failure: if you get burned on contact, that means the chassis is at >60C - something is up frickin CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE

then send an email to eve for warranty replacement.

do the above in the specified order for maximum safety. or do whatever if you’re a badass.


Ubuntu should be perfectly OK if your purpose is just to try and determine if its hardware or a Windows issue.

I can confirm that Ubuntu on a USB boots and runs perfectly OK on my V. Only issue is it might give you a neckache because the gyro seems to think the V is on its side.

…unless you’re smarter than me and it doesn’t take you forever to figure out how to rotate the screen, I suppose.


Maybe run memtest off USB to diagnose if it is RAM?

Actually you can do a fresh install of windows 10 from a usb thumb drive and see if that will turn out better for you. Remember to backup your screen calibration file

freezes in ubuntu, i even had it offline to see if something triggers it. What do i need to do for warranty purposes?

submit a ticket and wait. wouldn’t hurt if you kept the tablet warm in the meantime i guess. ╰(*´︶`*)╯