Eve V i7, after 6 months of use


So it has been 6 months since my i7 was delivered, I was one of those that bought into the project when the Eve team held early last year, a sales event for those Indiegogo backers that couldn’t wait for the device.

I had been a Sufrace Pro 4 i7 user since 2016, so had a good experience with using a 2-in-1 device and the Surface did set a great standard. That device was for my day job and as a software professional, after 7 years of using a Sony VIAO i5 (first generation) which has been upgraded to its limit including an SSD (still operation to this day). I needed a modern device to continue building software projects at home and on the go when the bicycle was out of action and the commute was on train/bus. So the Eve i7 with the 512GB upgraded to 1TB was an ideal replacement. It had growth potential through Type-C port, once the Sharp screen was included … it became a definite viable device.

My use is mostly on the battery although at home I do dock it. I like the fact that the device recharges fairly quickly. Luckily I have not had any issues, it was delivered in Feb, and the only issue is the missing extra’s that I am yet to see arrive but I am willing to wait for those (although they may never arrive :wink: ).

Now the topic at hand, I use it mainly as the main personal development machine with both Visual Studio 2017 and of course Visual Source code, building things in several languages; I also run linux under the WSL. The i7 has been stable and functional, I have added a type-c dock from Mantiz Titan. Does the device meet my original expectations? and secondly does it meet the performance profile that I would expect of a similar device? The answers to those are mixed, it does meet my initial expectations of the build quality, on the performance side it is a fair bit below the Surface Pro 4 (due to the processor being a re-badged intel m-Series a low power version), but the trade off is that I am getting better battery performance. I have experienced the ghost touch a couple of times but I have managed not to get them these days. I did experience putting the device to sleep then it waking up while in transport and overheating … I am definitely glad no damage was done.

Setting aside the issues with Eve organisation’s stability and missing items, the device so far has been up to the promise of what I expected and in some instance has exceeded my expectation, specially the quality of the screen. I am a little sad that no armour protective covers are available, but I have added a thick non-glare screen protector which has been great and of course the dbrand skins.

I think this has been a great project in its inception, definitely a fair amount of issues with execution and meeting expectations but overall I wish for it to work out. My greatest hope is that Eve is able to raise the funds and get the financial support to continue community developed device builds.


Good to see another positive response. Your experience mirrors mine, execpt I was fortunate enough to get all my accessories within 3 weeks of raising the issue. Hope they sort it out soon.

I’m also happy with my V and hope that it continues to perform well :crossed_fingers:


Thank you for the honest feedback and reply :slight_smile:

Glad to see you have been mostly satisfied with the device!

Some of the issues you have described are definitely not present in the latest production batches and the ghost touch issues have been recently fixed for most cases (all apart from hardware defects) with driver updates.

If you experience any issues, please contact our support!

Best wishes and luck to you


I am definitely happy those issues have been sorted. I will definitely look into the latest driver updates :).

Cheers, Bulhan

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I would love to see this pinned to the top of the Community, like in a “customer reviews” section or something similar.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one having a great experience with the Eve V.