Eve V goes to sleep with keyboard flipped back

it seems the keyboard triggers the same hall effect sensor when closed over the screen vs over the back on my machine. This is something I got in the habit of doing with my old surface for quick tablet mode. Is this something that can be adjusted?

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Hey @Swisspolo7

This is interesting indeed! I will talk to the team and see if they know what could be happening and if this can be adjusted and get back to you!

It was the same for the original V. It turns off based sensing the magnet in the keyboard and it doesn’t matter whether the magnet is in front or behind the screen (in fact, it is possible to turn off the screen by moving any magnet near it). The only solution we had with the original V is to tell the system to “do nothing” when the screen is closed.

Hopefully, there’s a better solution for the V2.

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