Eve V External Upgrades (eGPU, Coprocessor, etc.)

Hello All,

I’m very new to this project/project but I have been lurking on the forum for the past 3 or 4 days since my 10 year old desktop shit the bed. I’m currently evaluating my new computer purchase options. On paper I really like the Eve compared to other options, and the Thunderbolt 3 port and eGPU options are a big part of that. However I have a few questions that I’m looking to the community to get some feedback on.

A bit about how I use my computer, I do a bit of Matlab simulation development, hobby CAD work, and like to dabble in C++/CUDA development. Not much gaming as I have plenty of other options for that. So while most of my time is spent doing low CPU bandwidth tasks (coding and part designing) there are times where there will be a decent load on the processor (assemblies, compiling, solvers, etc.). I was doing a little research on the interwebs and found this intel thread:


If I were to find a discontinued Xeon Co-processor would Eve support or work with me on any BIOS changes needed to enable an external Co-Processor? The Xeon is complete overkill for my needs but is the only PCIe co-processor I could find and where someone got it to work in an external TB3 case. Maybe somewhere down the line Eve could make a PCIe co processor board along with the Eve Core? It’s not like the community doesn’t have enough suggestions already… ha! I can get a lot of simulation and solver heavy lifting done using CUDA and an external GPU, but there are some software packages that are simply written for CPU processing and adding a GPU doesn’t seem to help much.

Also, does anyone know if the Intel HD Graphic 615 processor supports Displayport MST? I would like to use 3 monitors (1920x1080) if possible.

And has anyone had any issues with Solidworks or AutoCAD inventor CAD packages yet with the Eve V? Not looking for desktop performance here, just the ability to use the software for basic hobby usage (not professional thousand part assemblies). So long as I can view simple parts and small 4-5 part assemblies I will be happy.

Hope I’m not asking too much of the Eve V :slight_smile:

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While I can’t speak to the co-processor thing, I’ve just tested DisplayPort 1.2 Multi Stream Transport with the V, and it works! I have access to a bunch of 4K displays that all support MST and was able to get 4K30 on both, plus the V screen. DP1.2 MST spec supports up to 4 displays at 1080 (i think all at 60hz, even) so you should be fine! Quite a battlestation I might add.

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Thanks for trying out the MST @maxpeet!

Quite a battlestation I might add.

I know right? Go big or go home :slight_smile:

Its dual core processor with a low abaerage apu wattage. You’re not gonna get much preformance out of it. You’ll need a EGPU to make autodask inventor work decently… cause the intergrated 615 intel graphics are pathetic! With the dual cor cpu running @1.8ghz and a good graphics/physics card… INVENTOR should run flawlessly for light to medium modeling. However if you do decide to make a for example; full car in cad(autodesk inventor)… the limiting factor would be the 16gb of ram.