Eve V + eGPU setup

Hi there guys, I got my EVE V a couple of days And its great so far :smile:. Great job EVE team.

Egpu setup works great (akitio node + 1060 ROG strix) had some minor setbacks with the installion, update and screen configuration. However Overwatch ran at 60FPS ultra setting and PuBG runs at 30 - 60fps depending on the landscape and etc… however pubg was a mix between low and high settings.

Note: the display was an external monitor not the same Eve display. As displaying it on the same screen causes a bottleneck on the TB3 port.


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What a coincidence… i got the heavy akitio node paired with a msi gtx1060 6gb.

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Nice guys, I got a Gigabyte Aorus 1080 gaming box ( wanted to get the 1070 but its totally out of stock in my parts of the woods and the 1080’s price was actually pretty good).

I had to fiddle with the drivers a bit to get it to work properly, but now able to play star citizen alpha properly! Yayy!


You can play star citizen pretty well? I been a backer for a while but haven’t played it since coming to China. How does it run?

If you don’t go to crusader port, which is notorious for being super demanding on graphic cards, other locations are pretty good, and if you are in space, its all good. I run it at med-high settings, usually can 35+fps at 1920x1080. I have not looked into optimizing the graphic settings yet, probably can get better performance after tweaking.

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Great. Glad to hear that. I wasn’t really expecting to be able to play the game even with the eGPU because of the processor.

It depends on the game, some are GPU demanding like overwatch which the eGPU setup handles really well. On the other hand some games are CPU demanding like PuBG which gets pulled down by the EVE’s processor, but as I mentioned it still manages to pull a 25 FPS at all times and can get up to 60 depending on the surrondings.

Yeah, I know. I have a Mantiz. Just that Star citizen is heavily CPU. So, I’m quite happy :grinning:

i actually think that is the optimal choice, because of the CPU. i’ve noticed that no matter what i do my fps stays around 60-80 and never exceeds that.

lol. i tried that! i could run it on my 1070 at high on a 3440x1440 with about the same fps as you mentioned. I don’t think the V can run it and i’m pretty sure the CPU is the bottleneck. probably physics or reflections or lightbeams, something like that - their website explicitly states minimum quadcore.

^ benchmark + overwatch + pubg

That’s great. I have a Mantiz + 1060 6GB. Been playing star citizen, sea of thieves and elite dangerous without a problem.

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What resolution did you play with (pubg)? What level of detail did you choose?
Thanks for your benchmark

Is it able to charge your V simultaneously? I’m pretty sure it is, but I need some IRL experience.

Yes, it keeps it charged. Even when the V is under load.

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Luck. My akitio node doesn’t charge my V.:frowning_with_open_mouth:

I’m not sure if it was in this post or a different one, I have mentioned that if you got an akitio node; you need to connect the node and the charger together if you want to have your Eve charging.

Unfortunately akitio node doesn’t have a strong electrical output to support running the node and charge another device at the same time.
However the Eve V has a thunderbolt type C and a USB type C where you can connect your egpu to one and charge using the other.

Hope I was of any help.


im very curious which CPU have you all chosen to go for with eve v?
eve v i5 + egpu how’s the performance?
eve v i7 + egpu how’s the performance?

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I have the i7 + egpu and I have been playing most games with no issues. There is lag at time when playing games or even loading my computer up at times but nothing serious. Using the eGPU is awesome as I have a RX 580 8gb and the Mantiz eGPU which can charge the V with a single cable which is nice. I am happy with the setup and have no real issue with the V. If you can spend it on the i7, great but if you can’t, I believe an i5 is fine as long as you got a good eGPU especially if you want to play games.

I got the i7, pretty neat ^^

I got the i5 with a Mantiz egpu with a 1060 inside. I can also play pretty much all the games that I want such as Elite: Dangerous, PBUG, Fortnite, Battletech and others without problems.