Eve-V Docking station

Has there been any discussion on the docking station for the Eve-V? I know there are generic docking stations available but I am hoping that the company could revolutionize the docking station as well. Some of the features I would like to see would be:
One cable connectivity and charging - one cable (usb-c??) connects the device to the docking station to transfer data, for a wired Ethernet connection, A/V inputs (dual monitors at least), additional USB/inputs and device charging.
It would be great if the docking station could enhance the graphics and house a graphics card with dedicated memory capable of running new games.
Adaptable that the Eve-V could dock either as portrait or landscape and be used as an additional monitor.
Universal so that it could dock not only the Eve-V (when I purchase mine) but my wife’s (she loves her macbook pro) and/or other peoples computers as well. (maybe one feature like the graphics enhancement would be company specific so that the feature only works with the Eve-V).

This has been talked about in another thread, here it is: Charger+Dock+Powerbank - lets design an ultimate companion for our Vs . Please leave your ideas in that thread to prevent redundant topics about a V Docking Station. :smile:

Edit: Changed link back to right thread.


I originally did a search for the topic and nothing came up. I was probably looking in the wrong channel/thread. Thank you for the information and sorry for the duplicate post.

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You’re very welcome! And don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes. Enjoy your stay in the community :wink:

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