EVE V dimensions

Hello, I’m wonderingabout EVE V dimension (with keyboard) in comparison with MS Surface Pro 4 (with keyboard). I have a chance to get nice hand made sleeve (genuine distressed leather) with interesting discount.

Could someone from @Team could answer this?

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Here it is - as I already bought couple things from their store (and I’m very happy) - I got $50 coupon + free shipping for second item ordering (I’m ordering new holder for Field Notes + planning one for EVE V).


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@mirv did a great job providing all kinds of measurements in his tear down thread.

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Thanks - question is - are those dimensions with or without keyboard connected?

For MS Surface Pro 4 I found:

292.1 mm x 201.42 mm x 8.45 mm

And for Surface Pro 4 keyboard I found:

295 mm x 217 mm x 4.9 mm

So in total should be:

295 mm x 217 mm x ~14 mm

Here is @iKirin on the thickness of the V with keyboard in reference to the sleeve being produced for Eve…

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I can. The V’s footprint according to it’s keyboard is almost the same footprint oof the MS surface pro 2017. I can personally assure you this as i did take a keyboard prototyoe to a Microsoft store and discreetly compare the sizes of the to devices. If you were to use the keyboard on the surface pro… you wouldn’t notice any differences at first glance… the foot print of the v really matches up the the sp. Give me 1 hour and I’ll measure the keyboad for you. However i must warn you the the 4 corners of the V is more rounded than the SP so the are minor parts that do overlap.


But the V with keyboard is a little bit thicker than a Surface because the V keyboard has a battery inside… There will be no problem with normal standard bags and sleeves. But special cases like maroo folio case https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00LJVXAJW/?smid=AUZ0UI5B0E1XK&tag=idealode-mp-pk02-21&linkCode=asn&creative=6742&camp=1638&creativeASIN=B00LJVXAJW&ascsubtag=UbyYffhQZ8MERqcUU8Pu_g

or incipio rugged case https://www.amazon.de/Incipio-Schutzhülle-Abnehmbarer-Drehbarer-Handschlaufe/dp/B00O1FPE74/ref=sr_1_8?s=ce-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1505131418&sr=1-8&keywords=Surface+pro+3+incipio

…won’t fit (I have both tested with prototype V at community meetup)

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