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So we have a thread that show appreciation at times when our EVE team are down and hurt due to Screen Quality issues…i am starting this topic to know in worst case EVEN if EVE fails again (let down by their suppliers) , ARE YOU STILL WITH “EVE V TEAM”?

I am IN…


There comes a point where something that hasn’t worked should not be tried again. This is the third dip into the well with the screen suppliers and if they cannot get it right this time there will be a bitter pill in store. I think the EVE team has to start thinking about contingencies and how to engineer the contingencies in case the “B” team screens arrive at the door step once again.

I would really like to be with the EVE team, but at the end of the day, they need to think a way past the finish line with or without the screen manufacturer. They have a community with the energy and stamina to help them through this dilemma and they have chosen not to use this resource because they are reluctant to share bad news, and that has really put them to this point.

The first bad news was with Paypal, where there was a delay caused by the delay in distributing funds from Paypal.
The second and third were the screens, and if we get bad news with no buffer in there and only the news of the falling skies then it is hard to foster the necessary support.

I have asked for over communication several times at this juncture and it seems there is a reluctance to over communicate. I really dont care what is happening with the keyboard, I have seen videos about the keyboard several times and each time there is bad news, there is the keyboard again. Work with the community, I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.


I think there was one more delay between PayPal and screens - I think it was keyboard issue.

Don’t you think we’re beating a dead horse at this point? It has already been established that community members would like more frequent updates, and an apology has been issued for the under-communication and a promise made to provide more frequent updates. See here: [quote=“Konstantinos, post:186, topic:7292”]
Our team is sorry for not communicating enough about the screen status. We will keep updates more frequent and will update you weekly now or as new news come.
I think to keep bringing up this issue is unnecessary. In my opinion, it has been sufficiently addressed and we need to move on.

Now to the original intent of the post - I too am in.


I can not be disagree with you but this is not the first time where the team apologize for the under-communication and promise more frequent update… From memory I think this is the third times and guess what… Nothing changed ‘yet’…

Good news, bad news or just no news, I just want to know on time and maybe be a part of the decision or help to find a solution… If community comes first for Eve then don’t be afraid to report everything every week. Just few words are enough, don’t lost your time in perfect sentences but keep us updated.

And yeah, of course, I am IN

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Wouldn’t the news in that case be the following:

  1. We wait still for the screens, delivering on 14th
  2. We work out a Plan B and maybe C to get our screens at the quality we want.

And if you are not a screen supplier how do you want to help or be part of the decision? The next decision would be to take the A and B quality to manufacture the devices and live with a not to perfect screen. Screen suppliers could be counted on one hand. High grade ones are even less. Next info would be at 16th. Then I hope the screens are good or they provide the other plans that could be followed. All till then would be “still in progress”


I expected that delays will occur when I funded the V on IGG.

I’m fine with the displays being delayed, purely because I’d rather not receive my V and say, ‘Oh Crap, this Screen is Defective.’

The ball is in Eve’s court right now, and there’s not much we can do except waiting until the 14th.

Edit: Nevertheless, I will be with the Eve team, no matter what.


I think there is a misunderstanding, I’m not complaining about the defective screen, of course I want the top quality for my device and I prefer to wait until it will be case.
I just said the promise about “more communication next time” are made not for the first time… Free to think what you want about this. Nothing more, nothing less.

And I repeat, I’m IN

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If I don’t get my V by September I am out.

I will tell it very short: I am IN.

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I am a fan …waiting for the online store to purchase .
Not in any hurry , hope all goes well on the manufacturing front.

I have been comparing offerings from other companies and the V is well ahead of the curve .

Microsoft Surface Pro - No thunderbolt 3 / C port
Lenovo Miix 720 - fan
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 - No thunderbolt 3 / C port
HP elite X2 2016 - 16x9 aspect ratio
HP elite X2 2017 - Fan , no USB A
Asus transformer Pro 3 - fan
Asus transformer 3 - no USB A
Acer switch 12 S - 16x9 aspect ratio
Acer switch 5 - No thunderbolt 3 / C port
Samsung GALAXY Book 10 inch - No thunderbolt 3 / C port / USB A port
Samsung GALAXY Book 12 inch - No USB A port , Fan
Huawei Matebook - No thunderbolt 3 / C port / USB A port

My perfect 2 in one
3x2 or 16x10 aspect ratio
One thunderbolt 3 / C port
One USB A port
No fan
Core M
256gb or more … with micro Sd card slot
LTE is a nice to have but not necessary

So the V ticks the right boxes , and then some
Bluetooth keyboard
Surface accessories compatibility
4 ports total

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I agree with @pmjglover1…It seems like we’re beating a dead horse at this point. The EVE team has a lot of work on their plate to keep things moving. They’ve shown that understand the desire of many to have better communication. They’ve gotten the channels more organized and delegated tasks with the help of community managers. We now have some dedicated places to look for updates and a tighter focus on the quality/quantity balance of them.

It doesn’t help when they tell us they’re exploring several backup plans just in case but it looks like Plan A will still be the best and quickest option and then we respond by telling them they need to work on alternatives and not focus only on Plan A.
Or an update gets posted and then several people find several different ways to ask the question that just got answered.

When this happpes it indicates, to me at least, that people are just unhappy and want to complain about things. They don’t appear listening to what’s being said or taking in the info that’s being delivered. I can’t imagine that does much to inspire better communication with the community. It’s great for us voice some concerns and unhappiness; we need to do that. But once we’ve done so we need to stop and give it time to sink in. Things don’t change instantly. The EVE team is just a group of people and people need time to process before they adjust. There’s a good chance that adjustments they make won’t always be what every individual wants but the team has to look at everyone’s opinion and make the best possible decision. That’s an arduous task that takes a lot of mental energy from a group that’s already expending a lot. Don’t expect to find that anywhere else. The big guys do focused scoping meetings and leave a lot of customers out.

Oh…and I’m in for the long haul…good, bad and ugly.


So I am IN and OUT on the same time. Why is easy, I need it in September because my semester will start at 1 October. Right now the webshop would open around beginning of August. And that only if there are no further delays. If there are some I have to get a surface, if 4 or 5 I don’t know right now. But V is the preferred one :wink:

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I created this topic to see only folks who stand even if the towers falls, so that we can rebuild it again, in short who writes and affirms, “I am IN”,
For rest of folks who are in between or not IN, can use other topic already created. The sole intend is to give EVE team the confidence that we are with you in spite of the unproductive or nonconstructive topic discussion or slur, which only aims brings complains but no solution.
Every human and organization, or even every project and endeavor WILL FACE CHALLENGES.
and all this delays and more delays (if any) is part of this journey. If you can’t wait or be part of this journey, then EVE (I believe I can’t speak but only as admirer but NOT as EVE) and we community do not blame for you (who are not IN) to be with us till the end.

SO FOLKS WHO ARE “IN”, please reply, rest use other threads for your opinions. (No harm intended).


I am IN. No ifs, no ands, no buts. Even a lesser screen resolution would not change my mind. Ports, form factor, enthusiastic community, this is the place to be.

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I’m definitely in. I believe in EVE .

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I’m IN! For the whatever happens, no matter what…
Don’t think some appropriate how good this team is.

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Exactly, just let us know what’s going on

I agree with your thoughts.

One thing I would add about users communicating is that some things may get lost in translation due to English being some people’s second language and that everyone can have different interpretations of something.

RANT Begins (skip if you want, seriously)
From my perspective, I believe a better understanding of the segregation of roles is necessary:

  • Company - these are the guys that own Eve and work at Eve. Their role is to facilitate the actual design, sourcing, marketing etc of a product, ie making things happen as per any corporation.
  • Community - these are people that can contribute ideas to the company, assistance to other members, support of the forums, etc. However they do NOT have a say in how the company is actually run.
  • Backers - investors into a DEVICE. We need to make a LARGE distinction about the buying into a thing and the FULFILMENT/MANUFACTURE of the thing.

As backers I believe we have a monetary invested interest to request certain things about the product, certain accountability of its fulfilment. HOWEVER I disagree with people who want skin in the game and want to meddle with how the project is run. We have only invested in this product NOT the company with our money. If Eve want to understand people’s thoughts about finding another vendor to supply the screens, any other component or the way they need to project plan the fulfilment/manufacturing process, they would have requested you on their staff rather than be an armchair critic.

We were given the opportunity by Eve to assist with voting on the specifications of the project so that the V would possess the specifications of what members of the community want rather than having what someone else thought our wants are. Eve NEVER REQUESTED our assistance with how they were to project manage the fulfilment and manufacture of the product. They have actually bent over backwards to show, demonstrate and give us insider access to how this process works. So in that vain I think they have done a monumental job.

Happy for members to voice their unhappiness about delays but please stop TELLING Eve how to do their jobs.

I’m IN btw :smiley: @razaknk


Spot on and articulates my thoughts and feelings