Eve V configuration, pls help!

Hello to all the proud Eve V owners!

I need some help with choosing the Eve V configuration that would be right for me, so pls help :wink:
(and yes, I looked through the thread, found a couple of people who asked the same question but the use they quoted didn’t completely match mine, so I need more specificity)

Ok. So right now I mainly use my Mac to surf internet - youtube videos, reading books/articles - , to create word documents, watch movies from time to time and, very rarely, do some video editing.

This sounds like a pretty basic use, but there is one problem. The amount of internet tabs I have opened at the same time can reach 100 or even 150. These tabs can contain videos, journal articles, online dictionaries and glossary-making softwares. I need it for my studies and my work, so there’s really no question of changing my surfing habits.

So please tell me, more tech-advanced people or just those who know Eve V limits from head to toe : which Core + Ram combination would allow me to work without reloading all the pages cos they all froze or restarting my computer cos it couldn’t handle the abuse and just crashed altogether?

Really need your advice and would be very grateful for any comments that would help me make this life-changing purchase! :blush:

I would choose i5 with 16 GB RAM.

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I would choose the same. The i5 would the best bang for the buck


As the others have already said, the i5 with 16GB of RAM is probably your best option. The i7 might offer a small performance improvement in video editing, but you said that’s rare so it’s probably not worth investing in. The 16 gigs of RAM will make a difference with that serious browser tab multitasking!


100+ tab on a 12" display? How are u going to scale the window?

My experience is if you’re going to be loading 100 tabs at once (or even 10), you might not have a good time with a dual core, actually.

You might regret your life if you ever accidentally click reload all tabs.

But otherwise I agree with everyone else - 16gb ram is more important than processor speed. I think you’ll be happy with the i5.


if the price is not constraints go for i5 - 16GB will be ideal for you, agreeing with others.

if you want to save some dollar, then go for m3 under $1000 with some trade-off, why because ???

  • you said video editing rarely, even if you want in m3, when you are editing video, you can keep the only open relevant tabs that have content of your video editing, and for rest of the tabs you can save them to a session, and when you are finished you can open the closed session.
  • lots of tabs (100-150, I am not sure how you can view 100-150 tabs in a browser, but I take your word that you really have it open) in the browser (I assume you use Chrome or Firefox), however, both have logic to make their 1 Tab = 1 Process, this process consumes RAM, m3’s 8 GB RAM is more than sufficient (provided you close while editing videos or heavy application)
  • and the temp files while browsing need the hard disk, and earlier HDD had I/O issues, but V gives you SDD, which manages much better performance on I/O, and fragmentation.
  • also again 100-150 tabs, EVE’s V is a 12.x screen, and not a 15-inch screen to give you larger screen experience, so you need to really work on the session wise tabs and make it a habit.

and many such things, that will help to realize m3 is correct. However, as i said if price is not a constraints, then go for i5.

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Reasons to buy the m3:

lol this is true. i’ve had 16gb ram (minimum) for years now and never seldom see my any of computers even approach exceed half that (except when i’m doing Profeshunle(r)(c) Coding™).

edit: i looked and Jamil is right, i’m sitting at 6gb. forgot about that.

also true. $959!


the primary differences between the m3 and the i7 is max turbo boost speed ram, and ssd size.

for most people that reallistically means "the only primary difference between the m3 and the i7 is max turbo boost speed ram, and ssd size.

one unexpected benefit of the lower turbo boost tho, is better thermals. the m3 runs cooler (like 15-20 degs) than the i7.

STEP RIGHT UP uh… right up over there and get your m3 V today!

Meanwhile I never get below 6GB in my daily use. On my desktop I haven’t been below 8GB in a few years. It all depends on the person.


Another way to handle the tab problem might be to swap browser. I too routinely have 50-150 tabs open, at times more (I once had 400+ on my prototype V with no issues).

The way I handle this is that I use Vivaldi, which supports hibernation of tabs. That way I can hibernate the tabs I don’t need at the moment, but when I need them, they are still there. More details can be found in this article about controling memory usage on Vivaldi under “Hibernate tabs to free resources”.

And even though you say you don’t want to change your surfing habits, tab stacks (another feature in Vivaldi), are awesome for doing research and keeping organised while browsing. Just a tip.


@inffy, @Lukas_Fikr, @Helios, @Wickedly
Tx, I had my eye on i5-16! Although, if I go for 1500, is the i7 worth the additional 100? Or if it’s 16RM, I won’t see any significant improvement?

@razaknk, @Wickedly, @Jamil_Stafford,
On the other hand, I’m a student, price is always a constraint, so a model around/under 1000 bucks is way more attractive than the 1500 one. But I’m worried that m3 will crash every now and then with heavy use :confused:

@nawthor, @Patrick_Hermawan
Do you know if Vivaldi, The Great Suspender and other extensions of this kind can prevent m3 from crashing? I mean, if many many tabs are open but hibernating, will they use RAM or not? Sorry if its an obvious question, tech is not my thing :confounded:

@nawthor, No no, it’s a great advice, thank you. When I said I can’t change my habits I just meant that I really need that many tabs open, or at least easily accessible, so I can’t put them all in bookmarks. I usually have about 5 windows open, and each of them has around 20-40 tabs, so that I can swiftly switch from one to another. So tab stacks feature sounds great, I’ll try it!

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had a decently long explanation, got too long even for me (ok thats a lie i kind of just got bored halfway) - too long, didn’t write (tl;dw):

  • m3 is still good.
  • i7 performance is better than i5 in the same way $1600 is better than $1500. (definitely good-er, better than nothing, but not going to change the world.)
  • go for i5 16 if you want some future-proofing, go for m3 if you want good device and cash money in pockets.

I guess it really boils down to how much your money is worth to you.

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As a fellow college student, who is also the primary point of support for every other student at my university (~35,000), the extra money is definitely worth it when buying something this expensive. The biggest problem with college is that you have no guarantee if you’ll have a job or any money once you graduate, and you can’t count on being able to buy a new computer after college.

I see hundreds of students every year that bought the cheap computer their freshman year and are struggling as their workload increases. No matter how heavy your workload is now, unless you switch to a much easier major it’s going to keep increasing. If you buy a computer that may be able to handle your current workload, it may not be able to handle your workload in 2-3 years.

Given what you originally mentioned, I think the i5/i7 with 16GB RAM is the best choice. Also, you don’t have to buy a V, and nobody in this community will tell you otherwise. If you can find something else you like with similar specs for a much more appealing price, I’d say that’s the way to go.


The pre-sales support on this forum is ridiculous.

Although to be honest there are so many good viewpoints now I think if I were op I’d be more confused lol.

But op, the i5/16 seems to be the most recommended. But the i7 is only 100 more! Anyway Jamil_Stafford is right, you’ll probably be able to find a better deal if you’re willing to go for a regular laptop form factor instead of a 2in1.

I don’t envy you op, if I were in your position I’d probably end up getting the i7 (like I actually did lol). Good luck choosing!

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