Eve V Calibration Backup/Restore/Fix DB tool

Hi all,

Still waiting on my V however thought I’d take the initiative and create this prior to receiving as I know I’ll probably be restoring.

With my version, I’ve streamlined the whole process of backing up and restoring however, I’ve also added in the ability to fix the DB file.

Very easy to use (3 buttons):
BACKUP Backup to ZIP.
RESTORE Restore the file from ZIP to the correct directory. (If directory exists, won’t allow you to overwrite, let me know if this needs changing).
FIX DB Once the restore has been completed, click Fix DB and voila, DB fixed without the hassle of manually changing it all.


Haven’t uploaded any executables as this is the internet, be safe out there. If you really need complied, I can upload however always recommend building yourself to verify source.

Let me know if anything needs to be fixed/added/deleted etc.