eVe V Battery life

I’m really impressed since I have seen eve screen comparison , but now I want to know how much should we expect eve V battery life with these new sharp screen ?

Supposing brightness used about 300 nits ( about 75% of highest recorded brightness ) and with regular use ( connected to wifi network and surfing some tabs with opened Microsoft office apps )

Thank you !

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If I can add to it, I’d like to have a “range” of battery duration.

That is:

  • minimum duration (fully using CPU, GPU, max brightness and volume)
  • video playing duration
  • audio playing duration
  • office use
  • browsing use
  • idle (but not sleeping)

But then again, I’ll hopefully be able to test it soon by myself…


My old prototype got about 8-10 hours runtime with light usage, that is browsing, editing some config files, installing software via package-manager. This was with old screen and no special calibrated ACPI.

In your use case 8hrs should be easily achievable.


On how much brightness ? or auto brightness ?

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In room I used 25-50%, was really enough as the display is quite bright.

But I think 25 % will be so dimmy , I always use 100% brightness of my laptop but it’s maximum brightness about 300 nits ( which I think equal to 65-75% of V brightness ) so can I use V for 6 hours continuously on 75% brightness ?

Quite a bunch more, as the brightness is only a contributing factor - and also @Tirigon used Linux which did not have any calibration for the V so you should get the 6 hours easily - depending on your workload however. If you want to have it at 100% CPU usage all the time it might not last that long.

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I had asked this before it’s 12 hours minimum with a local video file playing at about 50% brightness

@Konstantinos was the one who told me so he can clarify whether I didn’t quite remember that correctly though


for this I think I can use eve on 100% brightness for 6 hours as my workload never exceed ( reading and writing on MS office apps + 2 or 3 tabs opened ) besides being Y series not U it should save more power added to battery life time !

Please remember that human eyes also do not sense light levels linearly. That’s why the brightness steps are typically calibrated so that lower levels push relatively way less nits than high levels…

Using 50% brightness then, consumes less than half of 100% in terms of energy used

Speaking of ‘dimmy’ displays, you will probably be surprised about the V’s display, as nobody needed to use it regurarly above 25-50% levels :slight_smile: (and we dont want to use any more dim display than you mate!)


This is good thread to go and read. It doesn’t factor in the new screen but we can assume it’ll be better.

Also this comment on @pauliunas’s thread:


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Yes. However, it wasn’t a battery life test, so there could have been other factors causing the higher battery drain.

I don’t see where you get your estimates from and don’t believe they are correct. I read your other post as well. I think you’re spreading false information in two threads (I’m not assuming bad intention)
@Team care to shed some light on this?

Hey dudes!

I just saw the numbers myself. I don’t think that test can be used for V’s actual battery life estimation. From all of our tests V’s idle power consumption is around 2 - 2.5W on average load getting to 5W or so. I am not too sure about the test conditions and the firmware version of the device running this.

My best advice would be to now wait few weeks for reviews from Notebookcheck and other places to come out as well as for you to test the battery life!

As generally battery life tests are not so easy to do and I ve seen Emdoor guys measuring it differently and getting all kinds of results. We would have measured it ourselves but we didn’t have a unit here in finland with both SSDs.

So lets wait for V to come and you will see the battery life yourself :slight_smile:


Hi - the estimates are calculated directly from the figures provided by @Xinjie. As @Konstantinos states and as I stated above, if there were other factors draining the power in the Emdoor tests, that would explain the different result. I’ve deleted my message here so I don’t cause confusion.

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Isn’t it the same or better than when I last asked? I’m almost certain you said 10 or 12 hours of a video on loop

At this stage the last thing we want anyone stressing about is whether it lives upto expectations imho

So may I ask what exactly makes the battery consumption different from V to NSP?

  1. i7Y.

The V uses a Core-Y processor to lower consumption on a computational level, but there are a few other things as well. In no particular order:

  • Lack of cooling fans (passive cooling)
  • IGZO screen (uses significantly less backlighting as well as having more electron mobility)
  • separate keyboard battery (for backlight and buttons/trackpad, might consume less power over all or just less power while disconnected from V)
  • The V simply has a larger battery and takes more time to use it up

I’m stressing already! :triumph::tired_face::triumph::tired_face::triumph::tired_face::triumph:

When it’s connected, the battery is reecharged from V, so it only consumes more. Or the same, if the battery is full.

But then it uses Bluetooth, so again consumes more power.