Eve V and CAD? Especially Vectorworks

Hey all,

I am a Dec. 4 Flash Sale buyer and super excited about my Eve. I am, however, a little nervous about if the CPU is up for regular use as a mobile drafting platform. I can squeek it out on my old Surface Pro 2, but honestly I need more power than that. Not looking to do rendering on it, mostly drafting. Anyone running Vectorworks on their V? How is the experience? Thanks!

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The v is likely using more ram and a newer cpu so you may be ok although I haven’t tested something like this there may be others who have. Some users are currently able to do advanced photoshop stuff with their units.its not meant for hardcore processing since it’s not built for that but if you can do it on an sp2 I’d think surely on the v you’ll be ok

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I think it should work. Untill now I had laptop and pc who are less ram and it worked for normal assemblys. The only thing, where it could be less good is the grafic-card (which you can upgrade with the 3.0 USB Port I’ve heared) I think so like 3D or so but if they can game on it, it don’t make sense why you shouldn’t be able to work with 3D Software on it. Most of the people here say it isn’t good for cad, but I’m a different opinion like them.

I can’t say anything about Vectorworks, but I have opened some projects in Fusion 360 on my V (m3). This have only been to look at the models, not to make them and I don’t use anything else than small models. But looking at these small models have worked fine. Surprisingly good actually!

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Hi! I just so happen to be someone who uses vectorworks every single day.

Vectorworks uses a single thread so what you need for performance is the highest possible clock speed, not a great number of cores.

I draft on my macbook and tower, and then use PDFs on my V while I walk around a job site. I use the pen and an app like drawboard to markup those PDFs.

I’m happy to answer any more questions.


Great use case! Good to know that this is workable too

I’ve ordered the i7, but am still nervous about the Y vs. U series chip. Have you tried running Vectorworks on the V? If so, how does it feel? What makes it choke?

One has slightly more performance than the other. It’s like buying a car, and the two engine options are a 2 litter and a 2.2 liter. Sure, the 2.2 will be a little more powerful, but it’s the same car.

If you want something powerful a U series just won’t cut it. The U and the Y are made for the same use cases, the U is just a tad faster (and thus, more power hungry).


I have it installed, but I am not sure I’ve even opened it once. I don’t expect it to perform well with the large drawings I work with.

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Hi everybody,
I’m using Vectorworks on a daily basis, also on my V.
I have the i7 V and the Vectorworks 2018 Designers Edition installed.

My conclusion is, it works pretty well even on larger scaled files in Wireframe.
So you can draw,meassure and do 3D designs but weakness and Bottleneck is (as expected) the rendering Modes.
It is really not bad for a mobile Device like the V but don’t expect miracles.
Just to mention, I use it mainly for Lighting design and Venue Plots.

So to sum it up:
-Drawing: Works fine even on larger files in wireframe
-3D design works well in Wireframe.
-Preparing Plots for Printing and Batch printing works.
-Rendering works in Open GL and quick Render Modes up to mid size Projects. Forget large scale rendering in Final quality.
-You definitely need a mouse :slight_smile: VW is not ready for touch support :wink:

All in all it works for me as expected. Working on drawings while on the move.

For everything with heavy load I have a decent Desktop, with a powerful GPU,Processor and RAM.