EVE V already listed in an eshop

Czech eshop already listed EVE V teaser with a “GEEK tip” label :wink:
Link: Eve V Core i5 core i5 | CZC.cz

I was just browsing some components and I’ve noticed a familiar face in the listings.

Anyways, was that you guys or was that organic?

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Who’s the girl? :stuck_out_tongue:


eve V starts selling in the center of the world, great :heart_eyes:


Looking at the photos they took from the www.eve-tech.com page, I just noticed the girl is holding a normal pencil, with eraser cap and all… XD


Yeah, it’s just the indiegogo stuff.

@MiukuMac didn’t you post the question about the girl already somewhere? :stuck_out_tongue: Or am I mixing stuff up? :smiley: