Eve V Accessories

I’ve had the Eve V for a while but just thought to try to put a case on it, but there are currently no cases made specifically to fit the Eve V and have all the ports, buttons, and camera accessible through the case. So, I purchased one made for Surface Pro and modified it to use with my Eve V. For those who have the first V or are thinking about purchasing the New Eve V, would you like to develop a protective case for it?


I also bought a Surface Pro case for my V Gen. 1 and squeezed the V in. I have not had any success in my search for a case for the V Gen. 2.
Since I would like to have a case for the Gen. 2, I would like to contribute to the development.


For the case, I was wondering what would be best:

  1. a basic clear silicone case that reveals the matte black aluminum chassis

  2. a black rubberized case for a rugged, tactical look

  3. a silicone case with rubber bumpers with the ability to choose between different colors and styles

  4. a faux leather or fabric case/cover with kickstand that protects the keyboard. Something like this (which is what I’m using at the moment): https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08QMK3Z4W?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

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Interesting suggestions. I am also using a model like #4 at the moment.
For the V Gen. 2 I would like to have such a model again.

Hi! I haven’t received by Eve V Gen 2 yet but I am very interested in a case for it. My most important issue besides having access to all the posts, slots, etc, is that it protects the V as best as it can. Isn’t the Gen 2V a 13.3" now? Is the newer Pro cases for the same size, as I know the Pro 7’s were 12.3" if I’m not mistaken. I’m not sure what material is the best, rubberized, bumpers, etc. but I drop a Gen 1 V 3" above cement on its corner and it shattered the entire gorilla glass screen making the V inoperable. Maybe even at least corners that are padded or rubberized, just something to give some measure of protection. Some color choices would still not be a problem I think. My choice may be like an upgraded Surface Pro cover with added protection on certain areas and nice color choice. I’m not worried about the cover working as a carrying case as I use a laptop backpack or soft attache type case with zippers and plenty of storage areas.