Eve V A2DP sink (Play song from phone to my V via bluetooth)

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I have my V connected to my speakers via wire (you know, the normal way to play music at a party :D).

What i would like is to be able to connect my mobile phone (or my friends) to my V via bluetooth and then to play music on my phone and that music would be heard on the speakers connected to V (the music goes via bluetooth from phone to V then to the speakers connected to the V).

For this it seems the bluetooth device should have A2DP sink capability and maybe windows has to be configured somehow as well.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?

Hi there, technically this is a generic windows 10 default driver problem. The default driver does not support the A2DP sink Bluetooth profile. You could install bluesoleille driver for some $$ or implement the profile yourself. There’s also a uservoice request for it.

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That’s about what i expected.

Could you post a link to that, so i can +1 the request? (I’ve also +1ed all the “user feedback” in the Feedback app related to this)

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It’s probably easier to just use Spotify Connect, though that still limits the controlling phone to just your phone.

Whatavl out spotify streaming? Or mabe a virtual chomecast? Uhhh. The closest program that i can think of is eartrumpet.

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Thing is: i don’t use spotify, and i can’t make everyone who wants to play something install a certain app just because, and then configure that app on all the devices.


Well, good news, the A2DP sink profile will be added to windows 10 in upcoming versions.



Right in time for Bluetooth LE audio to make A2DP outdated XD.

Oh my god please make this true I want this so much

runs away screaming bluetooth, bluetooth…