Eve V 2021 with Windows 11 compatibility

Just want to check with the development of the new up and coming Eve V 2021 if it will be compatible with Windows 11. I already pre-order the new Eve V and I just check my Eve V 2017 and it is not compatible for an upgrade due to the CPU and maybe the TPM chip.

Will you be able to verify if this will pass the Windows 11 requirement as it will most likely be rolled out when the new Eve V roll out also if everything goes well.


Hey @azn804,
I’ve passed your queries in-regards to Windows 11 functionality on the new V onto the team. I will get back to you as soon as I’ve retrieved relevant data to better answer your queries.


Thank you for this. Want to make sure this will be compatible with the upgrade especially since the news of Windows 11 was just announced.


I can confirm, the new V will support secure boot! My understanding on this is that the new V will be compatible with windows 11.


Is it possible that the new V2 will be able to come with Windows 11 bloatware-free instead of Windows 10 Pro or will upgrading to Windows 11 even come with bloatware? I just don’t want the bloatware. If upgrading to Windows 11 doesn’t come with the bloatware, then that is no problem but I just don’t want to deal with bloatware that may come with the new Windows 11 upgrade. Sorry about the redundancy, as you can tell, I’m not a bloatware fan. :joy:


Just install your own version of Windows 11 when you receive it, I do that on almost every device. Easy solve!

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Close call to be honest. I have no idea what Microsoft is thinking with such overblown requirements for new Windows when Linux with GUI can work even on 10 years old computers just fine.

Smells a bit like under table agreement to force people to buy new Intel CPU’s :wink:

At least the ridiculous CPU requirement is met:

Eve V v2 will have Intel 11th generation Core ‘Tiger Lake’ :

And M$ W11 will support CPU from 8th generation up. When it comes to generation 11 then in their papers it says that: 11th generation Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 , with model number in the format 11xxx will be supported


Hi, all. I just wanted to chime in on this particular post since it is something that will probably come up the closer it gets to shipping. And since I am currently using Windows 11 on my desktop, I can certainly understand the desire to have the ‘latest and greatest’ from the get go.

However, one thing to consider is this: Until Windows 11 is Released to Manufacturing (RTM) we cannot install it on a device for sale. Considering that, currently, Microsoft is saying October for that release, that would mean that the Eve would have to complete its manufacturing after that time - this includes, but is not limited to, having the OS itself to install, along with testing of all functionality, to the extent that possibly new drivers for hardware would have to be developed / obtained, setting up the base install and sysprepping that base image so that the end user can have their OOBE when they first power it on. October is the beginning of Q4, so after Q3, and after waiting for the final bits and then setting it up and testing, that could push shipping dates into 2022. And that’s only if Win11 is RTM on time to begin with.

So, to keep things in line with the current timeline, the V 2021 is better off shipping with Windows 10 installed. It is simply not feasible with the current timeline to have the units shipping with Windows 11 pre-installed. No matter how much I want it to (yeah, I’m really digging Win11, even in its currently unfinished Insiders Preview form, in case you can’t tell).

However, the specs meet all the requirements for installing Windows 11, once it is available, and since, as of right now, Microsoft is saying that all Windows 10 users with legitimate licenses (which all V 2021 devices will have) will be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 11, it’s really not going to be a problem, and in my opinion, is actually the best way to go. There will be some users who don’t want to use Windows 11, invariably, and they can continue to use Windows 10 with full support from Microsoft on the V 2021 through October 2025.

Those that do want to use Win11, however, can upgrade their existing Win10 to Win11. And, as with previous versions of Windows, anyone should be able to install it, try it out for a small while, and if they don’t like it, revert to their Win10 install and still continue to use the V 2021 as they have been. As seen with other devices, though, having a device that comes pre-installed with a brand new OS and having users ask to downgrade gets a lot trickier.

I hope all of this clarifies the questions in this thread thus far. If you have any more questions regarding the installed OS on the V 2021, please feel free to reply back.


I appreciate the clarification and your thoughtful approach and while I do understand that you will, in all likelihood, ship Eve before Microsoft release Win 11. I certainly, and as I suspect many if community watching and contributing to this exciting development, would still like to see this new exiting product running Win11. I appreciated you have schedules and budgets to carefully consider and wonder if one of the more deeply involved and able community members, close to you do this?
Thank you for the wonderful work you and the team are doing


Hey, John!

I’m glad to hear your thoughts, and here is some footage showing us testing with Windows 11 running on the V (2021).

PC Mark 10 and Wild Life.

Pen line drawing.

Precision touch pad navigation.

If you would like to see more tests from us, please don’t hesitate to let me know.